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Tony Littles Gazelle Edge Reviews: Low-Impact Fitness Fun

You know how it is when you see an infomercial a thousand times and you get really curious as to whether it works or not?  It’s a silly question to pop into one’s mind because the obvious answer is – of course it works.  Every machine out there works.  It all just depends on what one likes.

I exercise according to moods, which is why I have:

Tony Little’s Gazelle Edge

The Total Gym

Denise Austin’s Treadmill (manual)

The original P90 workout

The Iron Gym

Recumbent bike (my mom didn’t want it anymore)

A couple kettlebells, medicine ball, dumbbells, a yoga mat and various other contraptions.  In other words, I have an entire gym in a very small cottage, because I like variety.

Out of all my toys, the Gazelle Edge and The Total Gym are my faves, and in that order.  I love the Gazelle Edge because:

1)  It’s low-impact and doesn’t hurt my knees

2)  The floating in air feeling.

3)  I get really long strides, and I love that stretch.

4)  It’s quiet.

5)  Good total body workout.

6)  It’s just plain fun.

Why’s it fun?  You can’t experiment on most machines, but you can with the Gazelle Edge.  [Note:  I’m about to tell you a few of my tricks.  I’m not responsible if you do them and get hurt.]

For a great ab workout:

1)  Grab the handles and pull your stomach in and squeeze.  Release and repeat. 

2)  Shift your feet 45 degrees, or whatever is comfortable.  Squeeze those obliques and release.  Repeat other side. 

3)  Another fun one is speed crunches.  Hold onto the bar between the two handles and squeeze and release the abs.  Don’t let the rocking motion get out of control to where your abs aren’t really getting worked. 

Just like with any exercise, watch your form.  Bad form can hurt your back.

So, let’s take a look at the Tony Little’s Gazelle Edge.

First off, 672 customers on amazon give 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Cost: $129.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Product Dimensions:

43 x 28 x 53.8 inches  

Weight:  42 pounds

Shipping Weight: 48.2 pounds

Product Description:

Comes with computer which tells:

1)  Speed

2)  Calories burned

3)  Distance

4)  Time

1-1/2-inch gauge steel construction holds up to 250 pounds

Extra-wide, nonskid foot platforms for added stability.

Handlebars are covered with high-density foam for extra comfort.

Folds quickly for easy storage so it won't take up space in your home.


1)  I’m going to come down a little hard at times on some of the negatives people tossed in.  Like this one – please, I beg of you, don’t buy equipment without actually looking at the pic itself. 

Go back and take a look at the Gazelle Edge picture.  One of the biggest complaints is that when their Gazelle Edge arrives – it has no resistance.

If they would have bothered to take the time and actually look at what they were buying, they would have known that.

2)  Your feet tend to move about on the platform.  That’s true.  They do.  I was a little annoyed by it when I first got mine, but then I realized the sneakers I was wearing didn’t have good tread, so the grip wasn’t there.  Easy solution.  I have really good tread on my sneaks now.

3)  Breaking cables.  One guy claims that the cables broke on his, and on the replacement.  The same guy claims there’s no place to get replacement parts.

I used the phone number on Tony’s site and the very friendly rep gave me the phone number for replacement parts:  Gazelle Glider 1-800-519-8061.

4)  Causes sore back, hurt knees, hurt feet.  The funniest one on injuries was a guy saying that it made his feet hurt when he used it barefoot. 

The foot platforms have raised solid, hard plastic ridges.  It’s going to hurt.  Besides, It’s not designed to be used barefoot.

As for injuries.  You can hurt your back, knees, or even feet using it, just the same as you can on any piece of exercise equipment.   The solution is to pay attention to what you are doing.

Pay attention to your body. If something starts to hurt – stop.  Or keep making adjustments to your form until it doesn’t hurt. 

Again, just like with any other piece of exercise equipment, you have to pay attention to form.  Poor form will almost always cause an injury.

5)  The little computer quits working within a year or two.  Yes, it does.  The only on board computer I’ve ever seen not quit is my Denise Austen treadmill.  So, yes, it’s annoying and it will.

On the bright side, you can pick up a new one at Gazelle Glider for $29.95, plus $8.95 shipping.  Call:  1-800-519-8061.

My two cents worth on any of these computers.  I like them for keeping track of time, and their rough mileage estimates, but they’re not all that accurate.  The least accurate of all is the calories burned.   Sadly, it doesn’t matter what equipment has it – it’s wrong.

6)  There are claims that it doesn’t raise your pulse, and therefore you get no workout.

Like the others said – “you get out of it, what you put into it.”

It doesn’t matter what machine you use, if you’re not breaking a sweat, you’re either not putting out the effort, or you’re not following instructions.


1)  Folds easily to put away. (Mine rests against my wall.)

2)  Great workout, quiet and fun.

3)  Works your total body: abs, arms, back, thighs, calves, glutes.

4)  Great price.

5)  Great for losing weight.  Even people who gave it a 1 or 2 admitted that they did lose a lot of weight using it.  I saw one person had lost as much as 50 pounds.

6)  Easy on the joints.

Who is the Gazelle Edge good for?

In short - everyone!  Mother’s with babies love it because they can workout without waking the baby.

People who want to keep moving and not be a couch potato love it for it’s smooth quiet action.  They don’t have to turn the tv, radio, etc., up to hear what’s going on.

Those of us with funny joints love it for the lack of stress on those joints.

Folks who just want something different.

Folks who find treadmills to be too limiting, and want a good full body stretch without having to do yoga.

People who can’t handle outdoor heat or cold.

People with asthma, or with allergies and the pollen will nail them flat.

Overall thoughts:

I love my Gazelle Edge.  It’s the most enjoyable piece of equipment I’ve ever owned. 

If you focus on your workout, eat right, you’ll see great results.

Click here to check it out. 


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