Monday, August 25, 2008

Kid's Soap at the sink! or Man is that a gross neck!

(If video doesn't show, it's probably still processing.)

AVON Kids Bath Time Body Paints

Cotton Candy 016-431
Coconut Custard 016-336
Bubble Gum 016-412
Candy Apple 016-374

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Skin care, the main focus is the face...

Have you ever noticed how when it comes to skin care the main focus is the face? What about the rest of our body?

I came across a post this morning that was on to the same thing. The post basically says we let the rest of our body take care of itself since "it is not seen by the world outside."

Truth is, it doesn't matter whether it's seen or not, every part of our body needs to be nourished with oils of some sort.

The post suggests nourishing it with oils at least once a week.

I've found doing it three times a week with Skin So Soft has really made an improvement in my skin. No more itching and scratching and my legs don't have that flakey cracked look anymore.

Anyway, to read more click the link below!

For that glowing skin from within and without -

Friday, August 1, 2008

Coming Monday!

Monday I'm posting a new video product review on Curves flip flops, Avon's CoolMax socks and some other foot products.

Also! Don't forget, Sunday is the drawing for August's Contest Prize. Check back to see who won.

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Make it a great weekend!