Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AVON Product Review: Rival Crock Pot Recipes!

You're looking at one of my favourite AVON products! I ordered this awhile back because I'm:

1. A lazy cook.

2. Bored eating the same stuff.

3. A hater of doing dishes!

4. I shamefully admit my main reason - I keep forgetting I'm cooking and burn stuff or it boils over and I have a nasty mess to clean up. What I do to rice - I could be arrested.

Anyway, I'd been wanting to get a crock pot for a long time, but I didn't know any recipes I could use that would actually taste good when they were done. (I'm a lousy cook. Food poisoned myself twice this year and it's only May!)

Then, my AVON "What's New" product guide came and there was the Rival crock pot recipe box! Sounded good to me. And if I didn't like it - I could return it! Nothing lost!

I ordered it, ran out and bought a little 1.5 quart Rival crock pot and waited. Several days later, the Rival crock pot recipe box came. I carefully went over every recipe. They all looked so simple and delicious. Best of all, they were going to be cheap to make!

The first thing I made was the Winter Bean Soup. It was to die for! And I didn't get sick!

Anyway, being single, I only have to cook twice a week, three times at the most now. Even as I type, my crock pot has matzah ball soup heating up in it. :)

So, what kind of mouthwatering crock pot recipes will you find? In the beverages, snacks & appetizers you'll find stuff like:

1. Chai Tea!

2. Pizza Fondue!

3. Reuben Dip!

How about main meals?

1. Italian-Style Pot Roast!

2. Kick n' Chili!

3. Tex-Mex Beef Wraps!

Side dishes?

1. Polenta-Style Corn Casserole!

2. Vegetable Curry!

3. Sweet Spiced Sweet Potatoes!

Soups & stews?

1. Winter's Best Bean Soup! (It's to die for!)

2. Chipotle Chicken Stew!

3. Slow Cooker Cheese Soup!

Oooooo....sweet treats!!!!

1. Cherry Flan!

2. Orange Date Nut Bread!

3. Steamed Southern Sweet Potato Custard!

That's just a sample of some of the great, delicious recipes you'll get to enjoy!

Now here's 6 good reasons why you've gotta buy it!

1. You'll have a nice hot meal waiting for you when you come home!

2. It will save you money, because you can put a whole chicken in the crock-pot to cook then cut it up for several meals, you can stretch your budget with the use of your leftovers!

3. It saves on your electric bill because crock pots use less energy than your big stove!

4. Most of the recipes save lots of time because they're fast to put together.

5. Crock pots clean up super fast!

6. You won't burn or overflow your meals!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to order your very own tin of Rival crock pot recipes!

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