Monday, July 22, 2013

Fitness motivation and expanding your horizons!

One of the things that's helped me pull myself back up by the bootstraps and get back to exercising after being down for months from muscle spasms every time I tried to work out, was reminding myself of how much I love the feel of running on air when I'm on the Gazelle. I love that floating sensation. In fact, I just finished a 20 minute Turbulence Training interval on it before sitting down to write.

For some folks, exercise can be a chore. For others, an addiction. So for those of you who find it to be a chore - I post this link for you. Hope you enjoy it!


Why I Exercise:
Jerusalem Post
I was running on our home treadmill, watching the Wimbledon finals, when a little voice began to insist I push myself. Usually, for my workout, I set the speed at a moderate pace of 8.5 kilometers per hour, but suddenly I had an urge to go faster. I ...


I remember when my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer he continued his regimen of walking around the block. As the cancer progressed, and he was becoming weaker, he never surrendered. He would walk to the end of the block. Then to the end of the driveway; the kitchen door; his bedroom door; and finally just stood up by his bed.

PawPaw has been my inspiration throughout my own battles with Dystonia, strokes (which he also had) and seizures. You simply never surrendered. You never give up.

That doesn't mean that you're up and gung-ho all the time. Sometimes you have your setbacks. I had mine recently and it took months to get out of, but now I'm back in form again.

But the point is - you don't give up. I picked this article today because it deals with exercise after cancer. It's a well written article that addresses the issues that cancer survivors have to take into consideration when choosing an exercise program. Well worth the read!   Smile


Expand your exercise horizons
... Mon Jul 22, 2013. Keeping to an exercise regimen can be tough for anybody, but it's especially so for those who have survived cancer. Such a person might ask: Why exercise at all?



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