Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AVON Product Review: Solutions a.m./p.m. Moisture Refreshing Duo

I've been wanting to do a post on this one for a long time, but I really wanted to get a feel for it and now that I have - here we go!

This new cleanser & moisturiser is my new favourite and here's why.  The night cleanser is soft and soothing.  I relax every time I wash with it.  It not only cleanses, but it's also a make-up remover!

The day cleanser has more of a wake-me-up feel.  It's suds up just enough to perk you and make you feel like you've washed away all the night-time grunge. 

The moisturisers have the same effect as the cleansers.  The night-time moisturiser has a soothing, satiny feel.

The day moisturiser lets you know it's time to start the day.  It glides on great and like I said before with the cleanser - perks you up.

Both are excellent moisturisers for dry skin.  My skin stays nice and soft all day, without the dry patches that I normally get a few hours after putting on a day or night cream.

The next best thing about the duo is - the price!  You get the complete set for only $17.50

Some people shy away from the price thinking it must be crap, but it's far from it.  I've used AVON's more expensive stuff and quite frankly - I think it compares really well to it.

Anyway!  AVON also has a normal skin version of the same. 

So what are you waiting for?  Hop over and get the latest gem and check out all the other new items AVON has on sale!

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