Thursday, July 25, 2013

Are exercise balls to girly for guys?

The first time I saw a guy using an exercise ball I got the giggles and figured he was gay.  No guy in his right mind would be caught dead using one of those things.

I shared my opinion of them with my roommate at the time, and she said her nephew (not even close to being a girly guy) had to use one at work.  It was the only thing that helped with his lower back pain.  The ball forced him to sit up properly, and that’s all it took.

That made me curious and I bought one.  I loved it.  Fell off twice the first time.  Felt like and idiot, and laughed till I cried. 

What I learned through owning one, is that those guys who I thought were sissies because they used them – were soooo not.  They can make a workout pretty darn brutal. 

Try doing knee push ups (hands on the ball), hip bridge with roll out or single leg press on back, and you’ll discover just how tough it can be. 

Anyway, I really like this article.  The author provides pics, and explains how the muscles groups are worked using an unstable ball, as well as the benefits.  It’s pretty short, and totally worth the read.  Wouldn’t be surprised if it makes you want to run out an buy one.  Smile

EXERCISE BALLS – THE BENEFITS ‹ Mansnaps – The style guide ...

…exercise balls…are also know as Swiss balls, stability balls, physio balls or balance balls. They're those multi coloured things that resemble 'Space Hoppers' from our childhoods…



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