Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blister Treatment and Prevention

Welp! I spent a lot of time tracking down links for today's article on blister treatment and prevention only to find blogger wouldn't accept my rich text doc and canceled all my links. Nasty beastie. So! Because I refuse to re-do the whole thing so blogger likes it, I turned it into a two page pdf. :]

So click here to read today's spew on blisters! :]

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yea!!! A new video!!!

I goofed in the vid. When you get to my review of Curves pedometer, I say, "pace" and I meant to say, "stride."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stinky Feet

You're at a road race. Your first. You're sweating with excitement. Just as you pull your running shoes out of the duffle bag, the handsomest guy you've ever seen stops dead in his tracks in front of you, gets a funny grin on his face and passes out.

No, he didn't faint because of your incredible good looks, your sexy smile, it was - the curse of the stinky feet.

Stinky feet may be good for clearing your sinuses on a really bad day, but it's mostly just embarrassing.

Sometimes stinky feet is associated with athletes feet and bacteria, but you don't have to have athletes feet to make your nose hairs fall out. All you need is a lot of sweat, which creates bacteria to the point your socks are damp in your shoes and waaa laaa - all your friends are gagging.

So, here's some tips to save you the embarrassment!

1. Keep your footsies clean and go barefoot when you're home. Let them babies have some air.

2. Don't wear socks to bed. My grandma did and her feet smelled like Limberger cheese.

3. Fill up a little tub of cool water with about 6 green tea tea bags and let 'em soak. Green tea helps reduce odour.

4. Put deoderant on your feet! (don't use the same stick or roll on you're using under your arms - that's disgusting.)

My personal favourite is using Foot Works Odor Neutralizing Spray. This stuff is good. It works for me anyway. There's a huge difference when I don't wear it - my cats run about the house wearing mini-gas masks.

One of my favourites after a run is Avon Foot Works Cooling Foot Lotion in Watermelon. It not only cools but watermelon smells a lot better than the alternative.

Avon has a number of excellent foot care products you should check out. They have everything from corn and callus removers to anti-fungal foot spray and the prices are excellent!

To see their entire foot care product line, go to: AVON and enter "foot works" in the search.

Cool web sites you might find helpful:




Monday, July 21, 2008

August Contest Prize!!!!

Here's a look at the August contest prize!

It's the Cynthia Rowley umbrella! Reg. $25 - yours FREE if you win!
The umbrella folds to 9.5", hand strap and a 21" canopy. Polyester, plastic and metal.

To enter: you must live in the lower 48 states.

Email me your name by August 2, 2008.

Drawing will take place Sunday August 3rd!

Best of luck! :]

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On holiday!

Hey folks!

I forgot to mention that I'm on holiday. I'll be back to posting next Monday. Yeah, I know. I had originally said Wednesday, but I've had a migraine for most of my break, so to make up for it I'm rebelling and insisting on more holiday time. :]

Make it a great week!

PS: I'll be submitting my campaign order around 11:00 AM Tuesday, July 15.