Friday, May 30, 2008

It's a freebie!

I was hoping to have my latest product finished by today, but nothing has worked out for it to happen. Like the program I using to create the eBook didn't save my work and I lost everything. *heavy sigh*

Anyway, it's a free eBook that teaches you how to pick an online business and avoid the scammers. It's pretty much based on my mistakes and mistakes other people have made.

I didn't make a lot of them, but the one's I did make really cost me. So, since I invested over $1000 in products and scams, I think I have something to say on the subject. :]

Anyways, you'll find all the questions you need to ask in order to figure out what business works best for you! Plus where to go in search of companies to be an affiliate for. You'll also get links to products that will help you get started, that are either free or cost less than $10.

The way things look at the moment, I should have it finished by sometime next week.

So, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New contest!!!

New Contest June 1!

This months prize is - Freshwater Pearl Earrings in Tiered Cake Box !

I love the cake box!

To enter the contest, email your name to:
by no later than 9:00AM (EST) June 2.
In the subject line put: June Contest.

I'll be drawing the winners name out of my trusty birding cap at noon
June 2. An email will be sent out to all participants with the link to watch the video of the drawing and see who won!

So what are you waiting for??? Get that email out to me and toss in your friends names as well!

NOTE: Participants must live in the lower 48 states.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Stinky Feet and Watermelon!

Imagine your feet being on fire from an afternoons hike in very hot hiking boots. Can you feel the sweltering heat around your feet? Can you feel your feet burning? Can you feel them swelling in your boots? Is grass dying around your feet from the stench? That was my feet yesterday after going on two afternoon hikes. The first hike was voluntary. The second was because I lost a cat.

A little background on the hiking trip. I have three cats who love to hike with me: Bindi, Jeffie and Squeeky. I can't go near the hill without them running up to go on a new adventure. I love having them tag along. I'd miss a lot of things without them being my extra pairs of eyes.

The problem is, Bindi has a nasty habit of never staying with the group and this time was no exception. We were over half way home when I looked back and Bindi had vanished. I spent around 15 minutes calling him and finally surrender to the heat and thirst.

I went home, cooled down, drank, ate, pulled my stinky hiking boots back on and went in search of my little rebel. Anyway, long story short. He'd gone back to Good Medicine Camp and waited for me to find him.

Anyway, by the time we got back my feet were on fire. This was the perfect time to try out Avon's new Foot Works Watermelon Cooling Foot Lotion . All I can is my eyes closed, a little smile broke across my face and between the cool feeling on my feet and the smell of watermelon - I was in heaven. I'm so hooked. I hope they don't stop selling this one.

This is one to stash away in your pack or handbag. Don't wait until you need it. Put it on and enjoy the feeling of happy feet!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Making a Difference

Do you know who the three markets were that never suffered during the Depression? One is pretty easy to guess - alcohol. The other is fairly easy - tobacco. The third one most would never guess in a million years - the cosmetic industry!

Every time I think of that one I start laughing. So long as there is a woman alive there will always be the cosmetic industry. So long as there is a woman alive men will make sure there's a cosmetic industry and not just because they profit from it, but because some are scared stiff of what we look like without it. LOL

Now you know why I harp a lot about you becoming an Avon Rep . It's the safest business you can get in. It's also a company that you can be proud of and not just because of the products. There's Avon's Breast Cancer Crusade, Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence and Emergency and Disaster Relief programs.

Avon's philosophy is making a difference in women's lives. Empowering women. That's what you become a part of by being an Avon Rep . It's not a sales pitch, a tag line, a figure of speech, it's what it does.

As an Avon Rep:

1. There's the feeling of satisfaction of owning your own business.

2. There's the knowledge that you're providing women and their families with quality products at affordable prices.

3. And there's the knowledge and satisfaction that you're making a difference in the world by raising money and awareness through the sales of Breast Cancer Crusade and Speaking Out Against Domestic Violence products.

Unlike a lot of companies, Avon isn't just about you. It's about you and all the women around you, and that's something to want to be a part of and proud of.

Make it a great day! Check out this link: Avon Rep and start making a difference.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Have a great weekend everyone!

Apologies for the white noise on the video. My pc is really loud and I didn't realise how much so until the vid was already set to go. Anyways! I'll have it fixed by next post. Make it a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More cools gifts for Father's Day (that aren't ties!)

Here's some pretty cool options for the dad who's a sports fanatic! Check out the cool MLB mugs (128-391)! They're the newest in Avon's sports line!

And check out the MLB team towels (338-357)!

If you're dad is more into NASCAR (328-292) - no problem! Avon also carries NASCAR towels (Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.)!

A couple more cool items to think about is a Harley-Davidson neon light (137-426)!

And the show stopper for the night - a super cool Harley-Davidson Colour Changing Mug! Pour in your hot drink and watch the flames on the side of the mug change colours (892-645)!

So there you have it! Five more cool ideas for dad!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5 Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day!

I was doing a bit of searching on gifts for Father's Day at menstuff.og, and came across some surprising facts! Like, did you know that less time is spent on figuring out what to get dad on Father's Day than is spent on Mother's Day?

Did you know that more money is spent on Mother's Day than Father's Day and that dad usually gets the chintzier gift? I wonder why. Not sure.

Did you know that more collect calls are made on Father's Day than at any other time of year? At first I thought this was pretty pathetic, but then I remembered when my dad was still alive I did the same thing. How about you?

Did you know that the day after Father's Day your dad or husband will be asked what his family did for him on his day? Did you know his answer says a lot about his family? Did you ever stop to think that what you do for him on Father's Day says a lot to him about you? Your dad or husband may not say anything, but then dads seldom do.

So this year, let's make his day special. Let's give him a reason to brag about what his family did for him! Let's make him the envy of his co-workers!

Now, what can we do?

1. First, try paying for the phone call yourself this year. :]

2. Don't give him his millionth tie, even if it is the 3 Stooges latest.

Instead, focus on things he likes or likes to do. Does he like to lie about? Then how about a hammock! He'll love it! And so will you when he's not in it!

Or how about an MLB or NFL logo watch (138-714)!

If your dad likes to tinker with his car, he'd love this talking digital tire gauge with tread reader (401-784). After all, what guy doesn't like cool gadgets?

This Portable Tool Pouch Set (328-675) is a handy little tool kit for him to stash in the glove box of the car, at home or at work! Remember! There's no such thing as too many tools! :]

This is another excellent find! A Stud Finding Hammer (931-810)! There's a built-in sensor at the bottom front of the handle with an LED indicator light. All he has to do is slide the base along any drywall until the light goes on with a beep!

That's 5 great Father's Day gift ideas to get you started. Check back tomorrow for another 5!

Friday, May 9, 2008

How much does your commute cost?

How much does your commute cost? For me, I never thought I'd enjoy being disabled and unable to work outside the home anymore until I watch the cost of gas rising and rising.

I can't imagine what I'd be paying out for gas now. I commuted 45 minutes to work, one way, every day through city traffic. I remember sitting behind the wheel growling as I watched the gage sinking. I still shiver at the thought, even though the only thing I'm allowed to drive now is a handicap bicycle.

I did everything possible to save on gas. I'd do all my shopping on the way home so I didn't have to go out more than necessary. I hated doing that. Sometimes after work I'd be so tired from all the frustrations that I just wanted to go straight home. Unfortunately when you're single, paying the rent and bills on your own you have to watch every penny so you get it all done while you're out.

So, how much does your commute cost? What are you doing to try and save? Are you one of those who ignore the raising cost of gas and are determined to do what you want regardless? How much does your commute cost, plus all the other running around you have to do if you have kids?

If you're not feeling the strain now in the ol' purse or wallet, you will be before long. Eventually the rising costs will catch up with everyone, regardless of your income.

For those like myself who don't have the mega bucks coming in each month, we need ways to either supplement what's being used up in the tank and on groceries by finding more convenient ways of shopping.

I rely heavily on the internet for most of my shopping needs. is my favourite hot spot for close on everything. I love Amazon. I've also taken to eBay!

Plus, I rely on Avon. It's helped me a lot becoming an Avon rep. I get all kinds of discounts on personal items and other stuff. I buy in bulk when there's a great deal on stuff like Skin So Soft. I might be able to get $59 worth for only $21.50, like I did this month. Since there's around 100 uses for Skin So Soft it's the perfect buy!

I love multi-use items and I'm surprised when I hear someone say they don't care if an item is or not. I'm mean, doesn't it make sense to try and save money by buying products that can do more than one thing? Wouldn't it help with the family budget?

Anyway, that much Skin so Soft probably sounds like a lot, right? But! The benefit is there's around 100 uses for it, so you can go through a lot. Plus, I can make some extra money by selling some to my friends and customers or do like I did today, I gave the Skin So Soft spray pump to my mom for Mother's Day!

She was really happy to get it because she loves all the things she can do with it. Within minutes after I gave it to her, she was diluting it in water and sprayed her dogs to kill the fleas! Talk about a great, useful gift! She also uses it to keep the ants out of her kitchen (they're a bloody nuisance).

So, do you see what I'm saying? There are easy time saving routes to helping save money and ease the burden on the family budget. One of those ways is becoming an Avon rep and save by buying in bulk and use the extra to make money. Which, by the way, there's a lot of women who become a rep for that reason alone. They're not into selling, but they like the personal discounts.

On the other hand, you don't have to be a rep to save. You can save time and travel money by ordering your personal items, educational kids toy, home decorating, clothes, etc. by shopping Avon online. I have family and friends who absolutely love this new aspect of Avon. They shop whenever they want and their order is shipped directly to their door. Reps, like myself, also offer coupon codes for free shipping! How awesome is that?

So, if you're looking for ways to save - think buying Avon online. And if you're looking for an extra income - think about becoming an Avon rep.

Get creative! Keep looking for those bargains, and while you're at it take a look at what Avon has to offer you online - you just might be surprised at what you'll find!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Winners of my first Avon Contest!

So, the prize was a free bottle of 24 oz Skin So Soft (value $16.00). All you had to do was pick a number between 1-100 and the closes to mine was it. My number was 67. The two winning numbers were 74 and 59.

Originally, there was only supposed to be one winner, but those two were so close to a tie that I decided the only fair thing to do was have a second place winner.

So! Mazel tov to Judy in Kentucky, our 1st prize winner! And to Tammy in Ohio our 2nd prize winner!

Tammy won a 16.9 oz bottle of Skin So Soft (value $12.50). Tammy is a huge fan of SSS. She says she never goes out to her garden without putting it all over her to keep the bugs off.

The next contest will be June 1 - 3! I've got another cool prize to give away!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

2nd post of the day! My First Contest!!!

Welcome to my first contest!!!

How would you like to win a free bottle of the original Skin So Soft that Avon is offering for only $9.99 (reg. $16)?

There's only two rules to participate!

  1. You have to live within the lower 48 states. Preferably legally.
  2. You can only guess once!
How to participate!

Send me an email at: with your guess of a number between 1 - 100. The person closes to the number wins the bottle. Not only do you get it free, but I'm paying the shipping and it comes with a list of things you can use it for! :]

Let all your friends and family know! Everyone can participate! They don't have to be my customer and they won't be put on my Avon mailing list or any other list. The only way you can be on my Avon mailing list is to go to my Avon store and sign up for the mailing list.

So pass the word!!! Contest ends Tuesday, May 6!

Make it a great day!

Check Wrinkle World at 5:00 PM Tuesday to see who won!

PPS: This makes a terrific gift!

My first field tests of Skin So Soft!

Last night I did some field testing of Skin So Soft. Here's the results from last nights tests.

SSS on wood? If your wood is noticeably dry - it does wonders! If it's a wood chair, etc. that's varnished, I wouldn't do it. It tends to leave a film behind. I just went and checked my futon and yip, there's a film.

SSS removes ink? I was really excited about this one. My great-nieces had written on the door way between the livingroom and the kitchen and for 5 years I haven't been able to get them out of the wood. I used SSS on it last night and - POOF! They left! YEA!!!!!!

I did a video of using SSS in your car that I'll post later today. I had it nearly edited last night and my external hard-drive freaked and I lost everything, so I'll be out today re-filming and editing.

BTW, I'm working on improving my videos, so hopefully they'll be more enjoyable to watch. ALSO! And this is a BIGGIE! I have a special treat coming when I post as well! I think you're going to love it! So start checking back around 5:00 on to see the big surprise I have for you!