Monday, October 27, 2008

FREE James Bond tickets!

This is the James Bond fans dream! FREE TICKET to see the new James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" with every purchase of the new Bond Girl 007 perfume (865-858)!

Print out the ticket after you make your purchase. Offer expires Jan. 7, 2009.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Yo's Product Review: AVON's Portable Tool Pouch Set

AVON's Portable Tool Pouch Set (328-675) is one of my favourites in the AVON gadget line.  Sure I have my big toolbox in my storage room, but frankly, it's a pain in the neck to go running to the back of the cottage and sorting through my tools to find what I want.

I keep this little begger on the bookshelf by my desk.  It's the perfect location because most of what needs repaired or have it's batteries replaced is in my corner office. 

Replacing batteries is the big thing.  It used to be practically any small head Phillips screwdriver would do to open the battery compartment - not anymore.  Most of the gadgets I have require the mini size.

Then there's the other odds and ends of working on electrical items requiring wiring and stuff.  Once more, everything I need is conveniently in this little kit.

BTW, don't let the small size of the tools fool you.  Most jobs don't require large tools and these get the job done.

Anyway, the kit contains all your essentials tools:

Needle-nose Pliers
Tool Bit Set
Cutter Pliers
Socket Extension
Mini Screwdriver Set
Tape Measure
Hex Bolt Set and a Ratchet Tool Handle

Soft fabric pouch measures: 6 1/2" x 5 3/4".  Perfect size for drawers and your car's glove box!

Makes an excellent gift for dad's, mom's - everyone!  Well, slight exaggeration there.  I mean, not really everyone.  After all, babies would be a bad idea since they like to chew and swallow things, but otherwise!  Hey!  Great gift for everyone else!  :]

Make it a great day!


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Thursday, October 2, 2008

AVON's Version of Kinoki pads - My stinky review!

I was going to write a post on the AVON version of kinoki pads, but this guy has done such an excellent job on Kinoki pads themselves, that there's really no point in me writing anything.

BUT, I'll throw in my two cents worth anyway.

I field tested the AVON version of Kinoki and this is what I learned:

1. They stink like a sewer when you pull them off your feet.

2. Your feet are left sticky and stinky afterward and it's a bear to get it off.

3. They don't work. At the end of 3 days, my pads were even darker than the first. As you can see from my day 3 pic.

Sadly, these are not "scratch n' sniff " or you too could enjoy the delightful aroma of AVON's version of Kinoki pads! (evil laugh)

In summary: Don't waste your money.

Now, click here to read why these beggers don't work.

BTW, unlike the Kinoki commercials, AVON DOES NOT make the same claims. In fact, AVON makes no claims of any sort, the product is merely offered.

Make it a great day!