Monday, July 15, 2013

Fido and Exercise!

This week I’m focusing on exercise.  Admittingly, I was thinking about humans, and then this article popped up and I thought it’d be a great one to share. 

I see a lot of people out walking or running with their dogs regardless of weather or time of day.   Sometimes I feel really sorry for the dog, because it looks like it could drop.

That’s why I’m posting this article.  You might be the kind of person that heat doesn’t bother, but that doesn’t mean your dog feels the same way. 

This article gives you tips on how to know if you’re pushing your dog too far, along with how much exercise your breed needs!  It’s a great read!  Hope you enjoy it.  Smile

Exercise and the small dog
Just like you, your small dog needs exercise to stay healthy and happy. Small dogs are defined as those that weigh less than 22 pounds and who are shorter than 16 inches. "Exercise helps to keep your pet physically fit, mentally secure, socially ...
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