Friday, July 12, 2013

New series coming next week: treadmill desks at work, tips, and alternatives

One of my favourite actresses who’s a gamer, writer, director, and producer, said she’d just bought a treadmill desk and that it’s the best thing she’s ever bought. 

I wasn’t familiar with them, so naturally I did a good bit of research to see whether they are worth the expense, and how well they function in the workplace.

I learned a lot.  I discovered that just because a desk might have a good rating and costs a lot, doesn’t mean it’s a good desk.  It might be wobbly or bend when you attach multiple monitors.  The expensive model might make it impossible to access the monitor on your treadmill.

Regardless of the little oddities, corporate businesses are buying them for their employees to use!  Dairy Queen has hopped on the bandwagon for the sake of their employees.  They also hope it might be a “recruitment tool.”

Check out the article here: 

Dairy Queen Gives Its Workers Treadmill Desks - Careers Articles:

Can you really get work done on a treadmill? Dairy Queen says yes.


I’ve got loads more coming for next week.  I’ve got a couple treadmill desk reviews, one that shocked me.  Some treadmill desk alternatives.  DIY links.  Treadmill desk tips, and other stuff.

For those of you more scholarly types.  Here’s a great link to check out some research that’s been done regarding sitting and standing work conditions.

Sit-Stand Research

The science behind the need to stand

Studies find a strong correlation between long periods of sitting and elevated risk of mortality; experts call this “sitting disease.”



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