Monday, December 21, 2009

Beauty Bonus! Get it while it's hot!

Wanted to give you all a heads up on the latest super special at AVON! This 7 piece beauty blockbuster is worth $100 and you can get it for a very limited time for only $16.99.

Yes, there is a catch. You have to buy $10 worth of select beauty products to get the $16.99 deal, but when you think of the savings, that's pocket change. Another bigger with the deal -
FREE SHIPPING! That's my favourite word.

[Seriously, I hate buying like a $8.00 product and then pay $7.50 for shipping or something. Although AVON charges something under $4.00 for shipping, or something like that.]

So, check out what all the goody back has, then head over to AVON and pick it up before they run out.

[That's not a sales gimmick. They really do run out. Trust me on that one. There's a number of products I've sadly missed out on, even as an AVON rep, because I didn't jump the gun fast enough. Yes, even us AVON reps lose out now and then. : ) ]

Here's what you get!

Sleek beauty bag
, PLUS 6 full-size essentials!

  • Stylish Black Nylon Bag
Zip close. Nylon with faux patent leather trim. 9" L x 6 1/4" H x 5" D. A $24.50 value. (very nice)

  • Astonishing Lengths Mascara in Black
Lengthens lashes up to 65% for an incredible look of long, sweeping lashes. Resists clumping and leaves lashes separated and defined. All Avon mascaras are hypoallergenic and opthalmologist-tested. .25 oz. net wt. A $7.50 value.

  • GLAZEWEAR Lip Gloss in Ice Pink
Feels lighter than ever. Always comfy, never sticky. .15 oz. net wt. A $6.00 value.

  • ANEW REJUVENATE Flash Facial Revitalizing Concentrate
Revitalizing concentrate maximizes your anti-aging benefits. Instantly skin feels cooled, looks dramatically revitalized. Texture, tone & the look of pores are visibly improved; visibly blurs imperfections. 1 fl. oz. A $40.00 value.

  • NATURALS Pomegranate & Mango Body Spray
A sparkling blend of lush pomegranate and juicy mango to delight the senses and refresh the body and soul. Sparkling fruity scent delights and invigorates. 8.4 fl. oz. A $9.00 value. (smells awesome)

  • NATURALS Pomegranate & Mango Shower Gel
Fresh, fruity lather cleans and conditions. 5 fl. oz. A $6.00 value.

  • NATURALS Pomegranate & Mango Body Lotion
Deliciously nourishing. Soaks in quickly; moisturizes for 24 hours. Leaves a subtle scent. 8.4 fl. oz. A $7.00 value.

Available in limited quantities only.

[I proudly say that as an AVON representative, I do make small percentage off each order. If you'd like to become an AVON representative and earn extra money, please email me at .]
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Product Comparison: Gold Bond Ultimate vs AVON's Intensive Hand Cream

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing imageI recently pit these two hand creams against each other. My hands were sore, dry and cracked, so while I was at Walmart I picked up Gold Bond Ultimate. I chose it because it's an old brand that is really good and reliable. After I got home, the idea dawned on me to pit it against AVON's Intensive Hand Cream.

My results: My hands were in such bad shape that the Gold Bond stung like crazy. My hands were really red and splotchy afterwards. BUT! I liked the feel. It wasn't greasy.

Later that night, I pulled out the AVON Intensive Hand Cream from my little store and tried it. First, I have to say I really don't like how thick it is. It's heavy. It's thick. It's greasy. On the other hand, it feels quite soothing when you put it on. And it softened up my hands overnite when wearing cotton gloves.

So, here's the run down on the two products:

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Cream:

* Customers who have used the Gold Bond like it better than Jergyns, Vaseline, Aveeno, Nivea and Eucerin.

* It has a pleasant scent.

* Some like it because it's thick so you don't have to re-apply after each wash and it's not greasy.

AVON Intensive hand lotion imageAVON's Intensive Hand Cream:

* Like Gold Bond, AVON's Intensive Hand Cream doesn't have to be reapplied after washing.

* Like others, I agree that it's too greasy for daytime use.

* It's used by cosmetologists, because of their hands being in water so much of the time and washing away the natural oils.

* Hospital tested.

Technically, like with every product you need to try them yourself. Everyone's skin and experience is different. After my hands healed up, I found Gold Bond's to be great. So, you might find Gold Bond is perfect for you. You might find you like AVON's product best. My suggestion? Get them both and put them to the test. Let me know what your experience was!

Make it a great week!

Shop AVON.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Best Hand Mixers: KitchenAid vs Cuisinart Hand Mixer

A good hand mixer is one of the most essential tools in every kitchen. It offers the fastest way to mix egg whites, make meringue, cream sauces, making cakes, cheesecakes, puddings, mashpotatoes, etc.

So, let's take a look at two of the top hand mixers. The KitchenAid KHM9PWH 9-Speed Professional Hand Mixer(White):

* Nine digital speeds, 7-1/2 inches long by 6-1/2 inches high

* Pro whisk attachment increases air for fluffier mixtures

* Comfort-designed handle; heel rest won't tip when set on end

* Powerful lightweight motor designed for quiet, lifelong operation

* Wipes off for easy cleaning

* 120 Volt Powered AC

* Comes with a 1 year warranty.

At $59.99, it's a great deal for a professional model hand mixer. One more benefit I haven't mentioned yet is that the whisk is longer and wider than most other brands.

Now let's take a look at the Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand
Mixer, Stainless and White:

* Hand blender with 220-watt motor and automatic feedback

* 7 speed options; slide control easily shifts speeds with a single touch

* Swivel cord; extra-long dishwasher-safe beaters; beater-eject lever (makes it nice for left handers)

* Spatula and instruction/recipe book included

* Measures approximately 8 by 3-3/4 by 5-3/4 inches

* 3-year limited warranty

The cost is an easy $49.95. My favourite part of the Cuisinart is that it comes with an instruction and recipe booklet. That's always a nice extra.

Like the KitchenAid, the Cuisinart gets 4.5 stars outa 5 from users. That says a lot for both.

products have been a fave among professional chefs. On the other hand, professional chefs also use Cuisinart.

So, in my opinion, regardless of which hand mixer you buy, there's no way you can go wrong.

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A Special Treat for You!

Happy Chanukah - 7th NightImage by Daniel Greene via Flickr

[An internet friend of mine has an ecard site with some great cards. Technically it's Jewish cards, BUT there's non-Jewish cards as well. Check out the links in her post and see what an awesome selection she has for you! PS: Thanks Roz for letting us re-post your entries!]

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Say It With eCards Club Members:

The December Holidays are upon us… Hanukkah begins Friday evening at Sundown. It’s hard to believe there is a little more than three weeks left to 2009.

As an eCard designer, my most favorite part of Hanukkah is that it lasts for eight days, thus giving us eight opportunities to keep in touch and have a bit of fun with it!

SOMETHING TO CONSIDER… Send a different Hanukkah eCard for each of the Eight Days of Hanukkah and NEVER duplicate!
For your convenience…

The Hanukkah eCards can be found here:

ALL Hanukkah eCard Categories can be found here:

Hanukkah Gratitude and Appreciation eCards…
A Way to Say Thank You at Holiday Time!

Eight Days of Hanukkah (An eCard for Every Day!)

General Hanukkah eCards

Hebrew Hanukkah eCards

Hanukkah for Husbands

Hanukkah Love eCards

Patriotic Hanukkah eCards

Pink Ribbon (Breast Cancer Awareness) Hanukkah eCards


Through the years I have been asked to design for those of blended families – celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. I struggled with this ONLY because I did not want to offend. I did not come from a religious family, so it was not a stretch for me personally.

A few years ago I designed what I hope is an artsy, tasteful and fun collection. No matter what… there is something for everyone at Say It With eCards. These have been graciously accepted and many of them sent through the years.

ALL Season’s Greetings / Interfaith eCards can be seen here:

Black & White Collection (designs in black and white)

General / Traditional (designed in seasonal red and green)

Patriotic / In Support of the Troops (red, white & blue)


The New Year 2010 eCards will be forthcoming. I have to upload them.


Questions, Comments, Suggestions… send email to:

Please put SIWE_ at the front of the subject title

EXAMPLE: SIWE_subject goes here

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving. Whether you are with family, friends or alone… I have learned to be grateful I am alive, relatively healthy, have a roof over my head, have food on my table, and lastly have enough to pay my bills. With that taken care of I am free to focus on going after my dreams, which include making Say It With eCards the best it can be FOR YOU!!!

Happy Hanukkah and an early Season’s Greetings.

Lots of Love & Gratitude to YOU… “my extended family!”

Shalom & Chag Hanukkah Sameach,

Roz (718) 671-1891 /
Roz Fruchtman Founder/Designer
Say It With eCards Judaic Greetings
NOW OFFERING… More than 4,500 Judaic Themed eCards
Say It With eCards Blog (You can COMMENT here!)
Also receive: up-to-date site news


Follow Me on Twitter:

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Let’s Link Up on LinkedIn:

Luv & Hugs,

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't Be Sorry! Avoid Embarrassing Moments at All Costs.

What's in your purse? How big is it? Some women like really big hand bags and others like them small. Some go for the one's with lots of pockets. Then there's the women who prefer to go backpack or fanny pack style. No matter what your preference there's just some things a woman should have on hand to avoid those embarrassing moments that according to Murphy's Law, will get you when you least expect it.

To help you avoid those situations, here's list of the absolute essentials:


1. Lipsticks and lip gloss
2. Eyeliner and mascara and an eyebrow pencil
3. Powder (to tone down the shine) and blush

(AVON's mark flip-for-it kit has lipsticks, lip glosses, blush and eyeshadows all in one unit. It's the perfect space saver)

Dont' forget to have a small mirror. That can be an easy one to forget. You can always rely on the one that's in your powder compact (if that's the type you use) but I find it handy to have just the small mirror itself.

For the hands:

Pink nail polish.Image via Wikipedia

How many times have you had to ask a co-worker for nail polish (runner in hose) or a file? It's time for you to be the one people who aren't prepared go to:

1. Nail file.
2. Nail clippers.
3. Nail polish.
4. Spare nails (if you wear fakes)
5. Hand lotion.


1. Always have a brush or comb on hand.
2. Clips
3. Hair elastics
4. Band or scarf for those windy days
5. and of course hair spray

Odds and Ends:

1. Your favourite perfume.
2. And of course the usual: cell phone, etc.
3. For those of you who work in an office setting, don't forget that extra pair of hose!

And there you have it! The essential woman's survival kit!

For lovers of large hand bags: mark Hand Bags

[I’m proud to say that the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I make a little bit of money off each sale. Usually I make just enough to feed my 14 cats (the result of taking in ferals), so feel free to buy and help feed the tiny terrors. PS: Jeff the Cat has his own blog. Check it out!]

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Easiest Way to Great Meals on a Shoestring Budget.

Rival Industries revolutionized cooking in 1971 with the creation of the crock-pot. It made cooking easier for mom's and single women alike. It also became a fave among some college students who had their own apartments, because preparation takes so little time and since students live on a shoestring budget, they saved money by not eating fast food.

Like I mentioned above, slow cookers save you money:

1. Your meal is ready and waiting for, so there's no reason to stop at the fast food joint you pass on the way home. Instead, your greeted with the smell of a wonderful home cooked meal when you open the door.

2. I've found that it takes fewer groceries to cook in a crock-pot. So it saves me lots of money every month. Leftovers are easier because you can pull the crock out of the heater and put it in the fridge. No extra dishes.

3. For those of you who eat meat, because of the slow method the crock-pot uses in cooking, the juices are able to seep into the meat, meaning cheaper pieces of meat taste delicious.

4. You would think the crock being on all day would run up your electric bill, but in reality, it takes less energy to operate your crock-pot than it does to use your large stove, which is an energy hog.

So, if you're a busy mother, student or a man who hates to cook, buy a crock-pot and enjoy a good home cooked meal. Your budget and your body will be glad you did.

PS: Crock pots come in a variety of sizes:

For some great crockpot recipes, try this!

470 Crock Pot Recipes

[I’m proud to say that the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I make a little bit of money off each sale. Usually I make just enough to feed my 14 cats (the result of taking in ferals), so feel free to buy and help feed the tiny terrors. PS: Jeff the Cat has his own blog. Check it out!]

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons: Dyson vs Eureka

Remember the days when the Hoover man would go door-to-door selling vacuum cleaners?  Back then, Hoover was the vacuum cleaner, but nowadays we have lots to choose from.  In this article, I'll cover two of the most popular: Dyson DC18 and Eureka Boss Smart.

James Dyson, the creator of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, created his vac because he hated his sweeper.  It didn't have the suction or maneuverability that he wanted.  So, he did what any creative annoyed man does - he created his own.  5,127 attempts later - he had the vacuum cleaner of his dreams.

Here's the features of Dyson's dream machine:

* All-floors lightweight upright vacuum cleaner provides constant suction power

* 200 air watts; on/off brush bar; extends for stair and high-reach cleaning

*  Lifetime HEPA filter; clean air exhaust; 25-foot cord; lightweight design

*  4/9-gallon bin empties with the push of a button; certified asthma friendly

*  Telescoping Reach Wand

* Quick-Draw Telescope Reach - Extends instantly for stair and high reach cleaning

* Hygienic Bin Emptying - No need to touch the dust, just push the button

* HEPA Filter - Approved for allergy sufferers by the British Allergy Foundation

* Weight 15.8 lbs

* Measures 16-1/3 by 12 by 43-2/3 inches; 5-year warranty

The BIG benefit for allergy sufferers - the air expelled from a Dyson has up to 150 times less mold and bacteria than the air you breathe. 

Cost is approximately $469.00.

Now for the Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart.

Eureka was been around since 1909.  It was so popular, that by 1927, one-third of all vacuum cleaners bought were Eureka.  Eureka is still a top-of-the-line vacuum.

 Here's the features of the Boss Smart:

* Upright vacuum cleaner, 12-amp motor for carpets and hard floors

 * HEPA filtration system captures 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, bacteria and allergens

* Onboard tools: dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and crevice tool

* Stretch hose for above-floor cleaning; 3-stage dust-trap system; 30-foot cord

* Motorized Brushroll

 * True HEPA Filtration Deluxe Wide Cleaning Path Air Selector

 * Cord Length - 30 ft. Weight 21 lbs.

* Measures 15 by 11 by 45 inches; 1-year warranty

Approximate cost: $163.00

Summary:  Both are trusted names.  The Dyson is by far the most maneuverable because of the ball and it's lighter.  Dyson's problem is it's cost.  Not everyone can afford to pay out nearly $500 for a vacuum cleaner (although it’s totally worth it!). 

So, if you're like me and don't have that kind of money, or simply wouldn't pay that much for a vac even if you did - go for the Eureka, it's an excellent vac and in my own opinion, you can't go wrong.


[I’m proud to say that the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I make a little bit of money off each sale.  Usually I make just enough to feed my 14 cats (the result of taking in ferals), so feel free to buy and help feed the tiny terrors.  PS:  Jeff the Cat has his own blog.  Check it out!]


Friday, December 4, 2009

Eat Your Way to Looking and Feeling Younger

If we want to improve our life, we have to change our eating habits. We open ourselves up to health problems by eating the wrong kinds of foods. Thankfully, with just a few diet changes we can not only improve our health, but we'll look and feel younger.
foodThe top three rules for eating right are:

1. Eat organic. Organic foods are chemical and other contaminant free.
2. Eat raw foods. Cooking can destroy the vitamins and nutrients in food.
3. Avoid processed foods like sugar.

Dr. Fredric Brandt(the dermatologist used by Madonna and Cher), credits sugar as the culprit behind pre-mature aging. In his opinion, if you want to look ten years younger simply reduce the amount of sugar you consume. In the process, you'll notice an improvement in the texture, tone and radiance of your skin.

The next big three are:

1. High fiber diet.
2. Eat whole grains.
3. Plenty of antioxidants.

We know, for the most part about fiber and whole grains, but how many of us really know what antioxidants are? Antioxidants are vitamins and nutrients. It's believed they help protect the heart, arteries and other tissues against damage. Some believe it can even repair damage that has already occurred in cells.

The top fruits you should eat that are high in antioxidants are:

1. Blueberries
2. Kiwis
3. Apples
4. Cherries
5. Plums

Next in line for antioxidants are vegetables and legumes.

1. Dark green leafy vegetables
2. Beans
3. Artichokes
4. Broccoli

Omega 3 fats are also essential to feeling and looking younger. They're great for the heart Most people think of fish when it comes to omega 3 fats, but they can also be found in:

1. Pecans
2. Hazelnuts
3. Almonds
4. Walnuts

For snack lovers - dark chocolate! Chocolate lifts the spirit, which chocolatein and of itself is a health benefit. Just remember to eat only a little, not the entire bar, box or truck load. It's tempting, but not that good for us.

Lastly, hydration is essential in warding off pre-mature aging. Your body needs water. Water washes toxins out of our bodies. It also keeps us from feeling lethargic and tired. If you'd like to prove that last line, drink a glass of water when you're feeling tired and notice the difference.

It's simple to eat healthy. And isn't it worth it knowing that something so simple can keep you feeling and looking younger?

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Let's Get Snoopy!

I get lots of hits from people looking for Snoopy products, so to help them find Snoopy gifts easier I put together a "Shop Snoopy's Doghouse" store at Hopefully, this will save you the time of doing search after search on google.

Happy shopping! And let me know what you think about the store and how I can improve it. You can email me at: Snoopy Comments


Thursday, November 26, 2009

AVON Product Review: Cleansers for 30+

Name of Product:

ANEW Rejuvenate Revitalizing 2 in 1 in Gel Cleanser.


Where You Can Buy It:

AVON product #510-271


Product Description:

1.  Deep cleans and tones

2.  Rejuvenates fatigued looking skin.

3.  Continued use improves skin texture and makes pores look tighter.

4.  Visibly reduces lines.

5.  Dermatologist tested.

6.  Allergy tested.


Who This Product is Intended For:

The ANEW Rejuvenate Revitalizing 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser is designed for women in their 30’s or even late 20’s who are experiencing early signs of aging. 

Early signs: Dull skin, fine lines and enlarged pores.



1.  Unlike soap, it makes your skin feel clean and residue free.

2.  It’s both a cleanser and toner combined, thus saving you money and time in the morning.

3.  Gentle on your skin.

4.  Deep cleansing helps control blackheads and breakouts.



1.  Some customers who have tried the product say if you have very dry skin, you may want to dry a different cleanser.  Others say it doesn’t dry out their skin.

2.  A very small minority of people who are very sensitive to fragrances, think the fragrance is overwhelming, but the majority really like it.

3.  If you have very sensitive skin and know the sensation of feeling like your skin is burning after you’ve used either a cleanser or even a moisturizer, you might experience it with this.  Again, it’s rare, but like with any other product it does happen.

4. It doesn’t remove make-up like water-proof mascara.


Personal Opinion:

Everyone’s skin responds differently to every product on the market.  The same goes for this.  If you look at the Pro’s, remember that some users have experienced the opposite.  If you look at the Con’s, remember that some users have experienced the opposite.

My mom, who’s in her mid-70’s, loves this product, which is designed for people 40 years younger.   If someone else in her age ranged used it, they would probably wonder about her sanity.

I read a lot of product reviews before I ever decide to buy something.  But in the end, the only way I know if the product is worth anything is to try it out myself.  If you don’t like it, you can return it to AVON for a full refund. 

Where You Can Buy It:

AVON product #510-271



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Friday, November 20, 2009

Skin Products Reviews: A Soap Free Cleanser

It’s important to use a good cleanser, preferably a soap free cleanser, on your face each day to unclog pores and keep your skin from looking dry and dull.

The Problem With Soap

I say a soap free cleanser because a lot of women still use just a basic bar of soap, like Dove or Ivory, to wash their face with and soap tends to dry your skin out like the Sahara. It also doesn’t get down into the pours like a good regular cleanser is formulated to do.

What a Good Cleanser Should Do

Since I covered moisturizers yesterday and mentioned AVON’s new line of Solutions, I wanted to bring up the subject again of the new Solutions AM/PM moisturizing cleansers.

If you have really dry skin, like me, the AM/PM Maximum Moisturizer is perfect. “84% of women who use it say their skin looks softer and more supple and moisturized.”

The night cleanser has a duel purpose. It’s a rich cleansing cream that removes makeup and the daily buildup of environmental impurities that have collected on your skin through the day.

I find it to be a very relaxing creamy cleanser. It goes deep to clean your pores. I love that part because I ride a Yamaha Scooter and road grime on my face is a real problem, even though I have a face shield on my helmet.

Tips On Removing The Night Time Cleanser.

You can either wash it off with warm or blot it off with tissue. If you have super dry skin, I’d go with blotting it off with a tissue.

The Day Time Cleanser

Unlike the night time cleanser, the day cleanser is an energizing gel that deeps cleans to remove the overnight buildup. I think it’s a refreshing pick me up to the morning.

Tip On Removing the Day Time Cleanser

Unlike the night time cleanser, where you have the option of removing the cleanser with a tissue, with the day time cleanser you thoroughly wash it off with warm water.

Coming Sunday!

Check back Sunday for a list of Cleanser options that are based on your age and what it does for each group!

See you then!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

AVON Product Review: Avon Solutions Comparison

Yes, I know I’ve already done a product review of Avon Solutions Dramatic Firming Cream.

And I’ve also done one on AVON’s new Solutions PM/AM creams. But today I want to compare the two because I’ve been experimenting with them.

Last week, I had cataract surgery and with the aid of a contact lens in the opposite eye, I no longer wear glasses. Let me tell ya, glasses hide a million wrinkles. I took one look in the mirror afterward and nearly screamed. For 49 years old, my skin was looking like I was in my upper 50’s. That’s terrifying.

My Experience:

I decided to switch off to AVON Solutions Dramatic Firming cream again. It’s been a week and I’ve noticed an incredible difference in my skin. It’s really tightened up, more than I had expected it would.

Now what’s the difference between the Dramatic Firming cream and the new AVON’s Solution AM/PM? Well, it’s like this, I love them both, BUT! I think the Dramatic Firming cream is better if you want your face to stay in one place as you get older. The new Solutions AM/PM is absolutely brilliant for dry skin, of which I have, but the Dramatic Cream also provides a good amount of moisture and if you combine it with the Nurtura Replenishing Cream for night, I think it does just as good a job, AND for less money. Another reason for my change of opinion, where I chose the new Solutions over the Dramatic Firming cream and Nurtura, is that your skin changes and not just with age. It also changes due to your diet, exercise and sleeping habits.

That’s my experience with the two Solutions. I love them both, but there are certain times when one out does the other.

Now It’s Your Turn:

For yourself, here’s what you need to do to continue making an intelligent decision on the products themselves.

1. Do your own homework.

2. Follow the links to the products, which will take you to my AVON store.

3. Read what other’s have said about the products.

4. Look at the ingredients in the products, if those play a high priority in your decision of what kinds of products you use.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

AVON GIfts: The Sharper Image® Voice Recognition Alarm Clock

  This is a must have gift for the gadget geek in your family or friend!  It’s simple.  It’s fun!  You set both the alarm and time with just your voice.  That’s cool! 

It’s great for your bedroom, kitchen, office or hotel for you travelers out there!

As you can see from the pic, it has a backlight, picture frame and the not so obvious, my favourite button – the snooze!

Click here to get your Sharper Image Voice Recognition Alarm Clock now!

PS:  Don’t forget to pick up a pack of AAA batteries (takes 3).

Sunday, November 15, 2009

AVON Gifts for old people

  Or not so old people!  Have a husband or kids who are constantly losing the remote, then welcome to the The Sharper Image® Oversized Universal Remote Control - complete with glow in the dark buttons!  If they can lose this one, well….

Anyway, The Sharper Image Oversized Remote Control operates up to 8 devices.  That’s enough devices to satisfy everyone in the family.

Aside from the fact that it’s great for people who have a hard time with small print, it works great as a gag gift for guys with big hands or simply a comical present for the person on your gift list who has everything!

Click here to pick up yours now!



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday Fat loss Tip

Welcome to the season-of-eating! Can't ya just feel that waste line expanding even as you read about it? It could just be me because I just downed a couple slices of homemade soy burger veggie pizza. It was delicious.

Anyway, here's some very, very simple tips to help you avoid the big weight gain of the holidays!

1. Watch what you drink. Sometimes our biggest source of calories comes from what we drink.
Drink the ol' eggnog (who can resist), but watch how much.

Try flavoured teas like Bigelow Pumpkin Spice, Celestial Seasoning, or Lipton teas. Use a little local honey to sweeten it instead of sugar.

2. Eat until you're comfortable, nothing more or less.

3. Take a 10 leisurely walk after you eat.

4. Cut back on your carbs. A sure fire way for me to put on the pounds is to carbo load. Focus more on proteins and veggies and be careful how much pumpkin roll, pies and other desserts you eat. Enjoy, but don't overdo it.

Another thought on that. I have a nasty habit on Shabbos of saying, "Yea! I get to eat today and not worry about how much." Problem is - it's hard to behave the next day...and the day after that....and the day after that. Get the feeling I love food?

5. Avoid carbonated beverages. They're chock-a-block full of sugar. Ok. I hear you. The punch is delicious. So, have some! Just not 8 glasses full. Stick to one or two.

Now what about that pic in the upper right corner. That doesn't look one bit like a turkey to fit the season of eating. I know. I didn't want to tempt you. So, I posted the Curves Hot and Cold Combo: Portion Control. It fits the season of portion control. It's also a perfect little kit to take to work or school with you, because it's compact and yet helps you stay on target and not over-eat. It also makes a terrific gift!

Also, as a special treat - you can pick up
"The 5 Secrets to Burning Stubborn Female Fat and Boosting Metabolism." for FREE! You get a terrific workout program and there's photographs that show how each move is done! Enjoy!

PS: Sign up for my newsletter to get tips, learn about special deals and get recipes throughout the holidays!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Special treat for you!

I was trying to find some cools ideas that you might find helpful in planning your Thanksgiving dinner and stumbled across this ingenious, inexpensive and fun centerpiece idea from the Walt Disney World Florist!  Enjoy!

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Teapots for One!

My baby has arrived! Um...not the biped kind, but my little Cozy Tea for One. I love it! In fact, today has been so crappy that it's completely brightened my day.

How crappy has it been? I awoke to Jeff the Cat peeing on my nylon cooler, Kitty puking milk all over her kittens playroom and her four kittens wondering how it tastes and if they can play in it, and from there on - it was all downhill.

Anyway, a short bit ago my AVON order came, which I forgot was coming, and inside was my Cozy Tea for One! It's sitting to my right, keeping my green tea with honey and milk nice and hot.

I took it with me when I delivered mom's order. She was surprised it's as big as it is. She thought it looked much smaller in the brochure, of course the one in the brochure is only a little over an inch tall. In real life it's much bigger. So for those of you who might be thinking the same thing - the water pot holds 21 fl oz. The cup holds 8 oz. It's also microwave and dishwasher safe.

I think this would make a great gift for any tea lover, and while you're at it, why not buy one for your desk at work and let your co-workers place bets on whether or not you'll manage to knock it over and ruin your work. Insist on getting a percentage of the winning bid. You can't lose!

Click here to order yours!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AVON PRODUCT REVIEW: mark Super Flip Color Kit

Flip For the Fun of It! 

Personal opinion, AVON's Mark line has the coolest makeup gadgets.  I've got several of these flip for it kits and love them.  The Super Flip Color Kit you see in the pic has 9 shades of eye shadows (matte to shimmers).  Flip it and there's 3 lip colours and 6 glosses!  Think of all the colour combinations!  You can easily pull off a new colour for every mood. 

Not that the convenience and colour combinations aren't enough to make you buy one for yourself, and your family and friends, but with each purchase you get a FREE set of mark Mini Brushes!

Remember, if you want to see how you look in mark products, give yourself a virtual makeover!  Click here to register for free, then upload a pic of yourself and let the fun begin!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Off Topic: Read Your Heart Out For Free

I just found out Barnes & Nobles offers free ebooks. Ok, so like you’re probably thinking “I’ve heard that one before, they are really old books or something you won’t normally read anyhow” Right? I did to, but ended up surprised to see authors like James Patterson. Of course you’ll also find classics like David Copperfield! There is a catch though, you have to use their eReader, which is no big deal really.

One more thing! Their reader works on iPhone/iPod Touch, Blacberry, Windows and Mac. Check out the titles yourself.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

AVON Product Review: The AVON Virtual Makeover!

Welcome to the cheap way of getting a makeover!  Upload a pic of yourself and try out different hairstyles!  Explore AVON's makeup line on yourself.  Think of it as a virtual try and buy.  I think it's the coolest thing AVON's come out with yet!

If you're already registered at my AVON store, just sign in and have at it.  If you're not registered, you can use the "select a model" feature and use someone else's face to try out the products.  Personally, I'd go with registering.  It's free and you get access to the premium features.  Also!  If you register you'll receive a weekly email from AVON letting you know the latest hot deals where you can save lots of money.

Click here to start your own virtual makeover!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AVON Product Review: Naturals Vanilla Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap

There's a lot of benefits to being able to order from AVON online, especially with H1N1 going around.  You don't have to run to the store and hope you remember not to rub your eyes, nose or put your hands anywhere near your mouth, which is especially important if you have little ones in tow and they do all the above.  And, you don't have an AVON rep coming to your house, who might have a child at home with H1N1.

AVON's antibacterial soap is a fantastic buy.  I find it doesn't dry my hands out like some of the other antibacterial soaps I've used.  It lathers up great and is concentrated so a little goes a long way.  The bottle is compact and attractive so you can keep
one at your kitchen sink as well. 

There's also a matching hand lotion that goes along with each of the scents, which comes in: vanilla and cucumber melon.  If you're someone whose hands dry just looking at them, this is the perfect companion to AVON's  antibacterial hand soapI keep both by my kitchen sink.  The hand lotion isn't greasy, absorbs quickly and lasts a long time.

AVON's antibacterial soaps have been selling like hotcakes, so head over now and order yours.  Buy some for your home and your office! 

Click here to order AVON's antibacterial liquid hand soap.

Click here to order AVON's vanilla hand and body lotion.


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Halloween Ideas! Two free downloads!

Hey everyone!  Here's two more helpful Halloween pdf's for your enjoyment!  I've put together some costume ideas and craft and game ideas. 

In the costume ideas pdf, you'll find 13 pages of costume ideas.  There's everything from 80's punk rocker to costume ideas for mom and dad!  Click the scrawny witch to download now!

Need some Halloween craft and game ideas?  The craft and game idea pdf has 5 pages of ideas.  Learn how to make spooky spiders!  Have a pumpkin see spitting contest!  Homemade Halloween card ideas!  There's game ideas for both older and younger kids.  Click the scrawny witch to download now.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Recipes!

Hey everyone! I wanted to pass off some cool pdf's to help you get ready this week for Halloween. First off, I've put together an awesome 11 page Halloween recipe book that has both gross, normal and fun recipes. You'll find everything from terrifying tortilla chips to pumpkin and goblins punch! As for gross - we've got snot cubes, a bowl of brains and lots more. Click the scrawny witch to download.

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