Monday, December 1, 2008

AVON product review for the klutz in your life!

We have a friend who just can't seem to stop hitting the wall of her garage when backing in. It's like the wall is a car magnet and sucks the car back to it every trip!

Her son eventually broke down and bought her one of these. Now she only hits the wall on occasion!

Hitting the wall when you have a flashing sign isn't the norm. Our friend has an excuse. She's in her 80's and only 4' 9". She's lucky she can see over the steering wheel, so imagine her backing up! Just the thought makes me want to run.

So, here you go. If you have a wall magnet stationed at the back of your garage that insists on kissing your car or you know of someone who does - welcome to the perfect gift!

The sign is 5" and it stands 47", which is just a foot shorter than our friend!

Click here to check out AVON's Flashing Garage Parking Signal!

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