Friday, November 28, 2008

AVON Product Review: Walkie Talkie for Kids

When I was little, I was so excited that there was such a thing as walkie talkies for kids. They were like the perfect toy for spying on our parents, spying on my brother with my foster-brother Rusty and all kinds of mischief.

Of course, back then there was no such thing as a "pink" version. Ours was camo, bulky, but still really cool! Now they're small and all kinds of colours.

The one AVON carries is from Cyber Gear. They work up to 1000 feethave a hook for attaching to a belt or bag and use one 9V battery, which isn't included. A small button-cell battery, which is included is for the digital clock on the front.

By the way, a kids walkie talkie isn't just for kids to communicate back and forth and have really cool adventures, they're also great for keeping track of your kids when you're out and about! Plus! Walkie talkies are more fun to use outside rather than in, so if you have a hard time getting your kids away from the TV - this should help you out!

With that in mind, click here to check it out and order one today!

PS: If you have really little kids, click here for a free downloadable toy guide that gives you 4 tips for choosing safe and timeless toys Downloading will begin as soon as you click the link.

If you don't have little kids but know of someone who does, send them here so they can get their own copy!

Thanks and have a great weekend!


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