Tuesday, December 2, 2008

AVON Product Review: Pooh & Tigger Cuddle Pillows

I wonder who would win if I posted a poll of who is your favourite in Pooh's friends? My vote is for Tigger. I like Tigger even better than I like Pooh! Tigger is just cool! He bounces! He pounces! He's annoying! He's awesome!

Anyway! AVON has both these little guys as oversized (27") cuddly pillows. They're soft and make great nap buddies for your 3 year old and up! They can also only be bought at AVON.

Hop over to my online store and pick up these special little buddies for your kids or grandkids to snuggle. Picture their happy little faces - how can you resist? :]

PS: Here's a little something I did up for you today! It's to help you procrastinate or take a break from your busy day! A cool little free word search game. It's in pdf format and will begin to download as soon as you click here. Print it out to begin your moment of procrastination!


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