Monday, December 15, 2008

AVON Product Review: Nurtura Replenishing Cream

Nurtura Replenishing Cream

Just a note before you read on. Remember that every person's skin type is different and that not all creams respond the same with every one who uses them.

Having said that! On with the show! Being an AVON rep I try to test out as many AVON products that I can. Sometimes I use test guinea pigs (my regular customers) to test products for me. Today's product I tested myself.

I've avoided AVON Solutions Nurtura Replenishing Cream for one good reason - it costs a pathetic $8.00. That screams cheap and worthless to me. I like the AVON's nicer stuff, like ANEW Alternative Intensive Age Treatmentt. It costs $32. I like that number.

For night, I'll use either ANEW Retroactive Youth Extending Cream ($27) or ANEW Force Extra Triple Lifting Night Cream (a real insulting name for those of us pushing 50 - lol) at a cheaper $22.

But! AVON had a great deal on the product and I decided why not! So, the product comes, I look at the container and laugh. The container screams "CRAP!!!" It's cheap! It looks cheap! It feels cheap! It's cheap! It's CRAP!!!!

My mom came for a visit. I held it out to her and we both laughed at it.

Once all the laughter died down, I tried it on. I immediately loved the feel. It was thick and creamy and almost a satiny soft to it. Ok. I'm impressed a little.

I put it on my face. It went on soft and smooth. It didn't feel heavy, but nice and soothing. Ok! So, it passed that test, but I was certain within the next few hours my super dry skin would begin to crack and fall off as usual. The hours passed - nothing. hmm.....let's try this baby at night.

The next morning I awoke to find my skin was still soft. Not a dry spot on it. That doesn't happen with either of my ANEW products. I always wake up with dry patches. hmm....maybe AVON cheap isn't so cheap after all!

Lesson learned: Appearances don't always reflect what's on the inside.

I've been using Nurtura Replenishing Cream for several weeks now. I use it both day and night and am loving the results!

How do other customers feel about it? Out of 72 customer reviews Nurtura Replenishing Cream gets 4.8 stars outa 5!

So, go check it out for yourself! Read the reviews and give it a shot! Bet you'll end up as surprised as I did!

Make it a great day!


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