Thursday, December 4, 2008

AVON Product Review: Lighted Snowman & Friends Fountain

I love snowmen, especially making them and freezing my little fingers to the bone. Just looking at this little Lighted Snowman & Friends Fountain makes me shiver.

Anyway, there's a couple problems I see with this fountain. For one - kids can come up with all sorts of things about the water falling. For instance, "Hey mom! Look! The snowman's peeing!" or "Hey Mom! The penguins are peeing!" or "Man! Frosty's armpits stink!" You know, the sort of things your kids only say when you have company. :]

The other is it's an evil little invention that's cruel to people with a lack of bladder control: pregnant women, women in menopause and old folks. If one insists on having a little fountain like this, I suggest keeping a box of Depends on hand.

Aside from the side-effects! It's adorable! The lights change from purple to blue, green and red. It's fun to watch and keeps little kids entertained. It's 8" high, sound-activated light up and it makes the water sparkle.

The advantages of this little table water fountain are:

1. The snowman doesn't melt!

2. He will never experience the dreaded "yellow snow" decoration added by your neighbours dog.

3. The penguins are housebroken.

So there you have it! Head over to the store and check it! Order one for yourself! or! Order one as a gift for someone else!

And! As a special treat for stopping by, click here to download today's free "Frosty's Word Search" puzzle. Can you find the secret message hidden somewhere among the letters? Download begins on click. Make copies and pass it around!

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