Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AVON PRODUCT REVIEW: mark Super Flip Color Kit

Flip For the Fun of It! 

Personal opinion, AVON's Mark line has the coolest makeup gadgets.  I've got several of these flip for it kits and love them.  The Super Flip Color Kit you see in the pic has 9 shades of eye shadows (matte to shimmers).  Flip it and there's 3 lip colours and 6 glosses!  Think of all the colour combinations!  You can easily pull off a new colour for every mood. 

Not that the convenience and colour combinations aren't enough to make you buy one for yourself, and your family and friends, but with each purchase you get a FREE set of mark Mini Brushes!

Remember, if you want to see how you look in mark products, give yourself a virtual makeover!  Click here to register for free, then upload a pic of yourself and let the fun begin!

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