Friday, December 11, 2009

A Special Treat for You!

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[An internet friend of mine has an ecard site with some great cards. Technically it's Jewish cards, BUT there's non-Jewish cards as well. Check out the links in her post and see what an awesome selection she has for you! PS: Thanks Roz for letting us re-post your entries!]

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Say It With eCards Club Members:

The December Holidays are upon us… Hanukkah begins Friday evening at Sundown. It’s hard to believe there is a little more than three weeks left to 2009.

As an eCard designer, my most favorite part of Hanukkah is that it lasts for eight days, thus giving us eight opportunities to keep in touch and have a bit of fun with it!

SOMETHING TO CONSIDER… Send a different Hanukkah eCard for each of the Eight Days of Hanukkah and NEVER duplicate!
For your convenience…

The Hanukkah eCards can be found here:

ALL Hanukkah eCard Categories can be found here:

Hanukkah Gratitude and Appreciation eCards…
A Way to Say Thank You at Holiday Time!

Eight Days of Hanukkah (An eCard for Every Day!)

General Hanukkah eCards

Hebrew Hanukkah eCards

Hanukkah for Husbands

Hanukkah Love eCards

Patriotic Hanukkah eCards

Pink Ribbon (Breast Cancer Awareness) Hanukkah eCards


Through the years I have been asked to design for those of blended families – celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas. I struggled with this ONLY because I did not want to offend. I did not come from a religious family, so it was not a stretch for me personally.

A few years ago I designed what I hope is an artsy, tasteful and fun collection. No matter what… there is something for everyone at Say It With eCards. These have been graciously accepted and many of them sent through the years.

ALL Season’s Greetings / Interfaith eCards can be seen here:

Black & White Collection (designs in black and white)

General / Traditional (designed in seasonal red and green)

Patriotic / In Support of the Troops (red, white & blue)


The New Year 2010 eCards will be forthcoming. I have to upload them.


Questions, Comments, Suggestions… send email to:

Please put SIWE_ at the front of the subject title

EXAMPLE: SIWE_subject goes here

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving. Whether you are with family, friends or alone… I have learned to be grateful I am alive, relatively healthy, have a roof over my head, have food on my table, and lastly have enough to pay my bills. With that taken care of I am free to focus on going after my dreams, which include making Say It With eCards the best it can be FOR YOU!!!

Happy Hanukkah and an early Season’s Greetings.

Lots of Love & Gratitude to YOU… “my extended family!”

Shalom & Chag Hanukkah Sameach,

Roz (718) 671-1891 /
Roz Fruchtman Founder/Designer
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Luv & Hugs,

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