Friday, November 20, 2009

Skin Products Reviews: A Soap Free Cleanser

It’s important to use a good cleanser, preferably a soap free cleanser, on your face each day to unclog pores and keep your skin from looking dry and dull.

The Problem With Soap

I say a soap free cleanser because a lot of women still use just a basic bar of soap, like Dove or Ivory, to wash their face with and soap tends to dry your skin out like the Sahara. It also doesn’t get down into the pours like a good regular cleanser is formulated to do.

What a Good Cleanser Should Do

Since I covered moisturizers yesterday and mentioned AVON’s new line of Solutions, I wanted to bring up the subject again of the new Solutions AM/PM moisturizing cleansers.

If you have really dry skin, like me, the AM/PM Maximum Moisturizer is perfect. “84% of women who use it say their skin looks softer and more supple and moisturized.”

The night cleanser has a duel purpose. It’s a rich cleansing cream that removes makeup and the daily buildup of environmental impurities that have collected on your skin through the day.

I find it to be a very relaxing creamy cleanser. It goes deep to clean your pores. I love that part because I ride a Yamaha Scooter and road grime on my face is a real problem, even though I have a face shield on my helmet.

Tips On Removing The Night Time Cleanser.

You can either wash it off with warm or blot it off with tissue. If you have super dry skin, I’d go with blotting it off with a tissue.

The Day Time Cleanser

Unlike the night time cleanser, the day cleanser is an energizing gel that deeps cleans to remove the overnight buildup. I think it’s a refreshing pick me up to the morning.

Tip On Removing the Day Time Cleanser

Unlike the night time cleanser, where you have the option of removing the cleanser with a tissue, with the day time cleanser you thoroughly wash it off with warm water.

Coming Sunday!

Check back Sunday for a list of Cleanser options that are based on your age and what it does for each group!

See you then!

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