Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AVON Product Review: Naturals Vanilla Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap

There's a lot of benefits to being able to order from AVON online, especially with H1N1 going around.  You don't have to run to the store and hope you remember not to rub your eyes, nose or put your hands anywhere near your mouth, which is especially important if you have little ones in tow and they do all the above.  And, you don't have an AVON rep coming to your house, who might have a child at home with H1N1.

AVON's antibacterial soap is a fantastic buy.  I find it doesn't dry my hands out like some of the other antibacterial soaps I've used.  It lathers up great and is concentrated so a little goes a long way.  The bottle is compact and attractive so you can keep
one at your kitchen sink as well. 

There's also a matching hand lotion that goes along with each of the scents, which comes in: vanilla and cucumber melon.  If you're someone whose hands dry just looking at them, this is the perfect companion to AVON's  antibacterial hand soapI keep both by my kitchen sink.  The hand lotion isn't greasy, absorbs quickly and lasts a long time.

AVON's antibacterial soaps have been selling like hotcakes, so head over now and order yours.  Buy some for your home and your office! 

Click here to order AVON's antibacterial liquid hand soap.

Click here to order AVON's vanilla hand and body lotion.


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