Friday, November 14, 2008

There's a mouse in the house!

It's the Mickey Knit Sleep Tee and Sleep Pant

I splurged this past campaign and ordered me a set.  They're to die for.  Super comfortable, has side pockets and a really nice wide elastic waist band. 

Since they're unisex the pants are nice and long.  I love that because I hate my pant legs sneaking up my legs in the middle of night.

Comes in sizes small to XXL.  Cost is $19.99 each.

Anyway, it's a terrific gift for the Mickey fan!  So, head over now and buy a pair before they run out and it ends up on back order.  Yip, back order. 

Not kidding.  Not a sneaky sales pitch either.  Last year a good number of my things ended up on back order because customers waited too late to order - my mom was one of them.  She got stuck about 4 times, with two gifts not arriving until January.  So, it really does happen.

Also!  The AVON version of kinoki pads is still out there. Remember don't buy them.  See my review here.

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