Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Snoopy Gifts!

If you're a Snoopy lover you've gotta get this Snoopy mug!  It's only available at AVON and makes a terrific gift for your Snoopy fan!  Snoopy does his "Joe Cool" pose on the front and the back says, "Sugar Lips." 

This is my favourite out of all my mugs.  It's a good size - holds 12 oz and I love the weight and feel.  Plus, the chipper colours help me wake up in the morning.  :]

It's also at a great price, only $9.99!  So click the link and head over and buy one for everyone in your family! 

One last thing, well, two actually, don't forget to enter the item #488-662 and second!  Check back tomorrow for more Snoopy merchandise!

See ya tomorrow!



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