Monday, November 24, 2008

Fancy Cat Beds!

Cats spend about 16 hours a day sleeping. They love warm secure spots such as: fancy cat beds, boxes, your bed (there's 3 on mine right now), your favourite chair, couch (I see another one curled up.) or some other place you told them to stay off.

AVON'S faux shearling pet bed makes both a secure and warm place for them to crash.  It has a removable sleep pad - an absolute must for any pet owners sanity.  The bottom and outer sides are made of sturdy canvas and it's total measurement is: 20" L x 6" H x 14" D.

This cozy bed makes an excellent gift for your pet!  So, head over to AVON and grab one now!  Use my special coupon code to get FREE shipping with any order:  FSANY

My Top 2 TIPS for getting your cat to sleep in it's own bed and not yours: 

1.  Put something you wear in the bed.  Make sure the item was worn recently. 

Cats see you as a surrogate parent and sleep on your bed because it smells like you and it makes them feel secure. So, by putting something of yours in it's bed it will be more willing to sleep there.

2.  Park it close to a heater, but not so close that it might catch fire.

PS: The owner of this site has 7 cats, plus one stray.  There are cats sleeping everywhere.  Want some fleas?

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