Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AVON Product Review: SSS Winter Soft with Hydroseal Hand Cream

Skin So Soft Winter Soft with Hydroseal Hand Cream

This is my favourite out of all the AVON hand creams. I wash my hands a lot because of living on a farm, so my hands tend to stay dry and yucky.

This stuff has been a lifesaver! It's very thick. It stays on. I don't have to keep applying it. It holds up well when you wash your hands and I love the creamy texture. It's also excellent protection against harsh winter drying and cracking.

It's overall customer rating is 4.9 stars outa 5. Plus, 90% of the customers who have tried it would recommend it to a friend.

As far as the negative review, the person said it's "dry and clumpy." Not exactly sure how a hydroseal complex can be dry and clumpy, but that's what they thought.

Anyway, one person mentioned that it leaves a greasy feel, and to some it does. If you're familiar with the Silicone glove though - it's not even close to that kind of feel.

A few customers don't like the smell but most, including myself love it.

Best of all! It's only $4.00! You can't beat it! So, do your hands a favour and click here to make them happy. It's an excellent deal!

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