Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Winners of my first Avon Contest!

So, the prize was a free bottle of 24 oz Skin So Soft (value $16.00). All you had to do was pick a number between 1-100 and the closes to mine was it. My number was 67. The two winning numbers were 74 and 59.

Originally, there was only supposed to be one winner, but those two were so close to a tie that I decided the only fair thing to do was have a second place winner.

So! Mazel tov to Judy in Kentucky, our 1st prize winner! And to Tammy in Ohio our 2nd prize winner!

Tammy won a 16.9 oz bottle of Skin So Soft (value $12.50). Tammy is a huge fan of SSS. She says she never goes out to her garden without putting it all over her to keep the bugs off.

The next contest will be June 1 - 3! I've got another cool prize to give away!

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