Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5 Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day!

I was doing a bit of searching on gifts for Father's Day at menstuff.og, and came across some surprising facts! Like, did you know that less time is spent on figuring out what to get dad on Father's Day than is spent on Mother's Day?

Did you know that more money is spent on Mother's Day than Father's Day and that dad usually gets the chintzier gift? I wonder why. Not sure.

Did you know that more collect calls are made on Father's Day than at any other time of year? At first I thought this was pretty pathetic, but then I remembered when my dad was still alive I did the same thing. How about you?

Did you know that the day after Father's Day your dad or husband will be asked what his family did for him on his day? Did you know his answer says a lot about his family? Did you ever stop to think that what you do for him on Father's Day says a lot to him about you? Your dad or husband may not say anything, but then dads seldom do.

So this year, let's make his day special. Let's give him a reason to brag about what his family did for him! Let's make him the envy of his co-workers!

Now, what can we do?

1. First, try paying for the phone call yourself this year. :]

2. Don't give him his millionth tie, even if it is the 3 Stooges latest.

Instead, focus on things he likes or likes to do. Does he like to lie about? Then how about a hammock! He'll love it! And so will you when he's not in it!

Or how about an MLB or NFL logo watch (138-714)!

If your dad likes to tinker with his car, he'd love this talking digital tire gauge with tread reader (401-784). After all, what guy doesn't like cool gadgets?

This Portable Tool Pouch Set (328-675) is a handy little tool kit for him to stash in the glove box of the car, at home or at work! Remember! There's no such thing as too many tools! :]

This is another excellent find! A Stud Finding Hammer (931-810)! There's a built-in sensor at the bottom front of the handle with an LED indicator light. All he has to do is slide the base along any drywall until the light goes on with a beep!

That's 5 great Father's Day gift ideas to get you started. Check back tomorrow for another 5!

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