Thursday, May 1, 2008

My first field tests of Skin So Soft!

Last night I did some field testing of Skin So Soft. Here's the results from last nights tests.

SSS on wood? If your wood is noticeably dry - it does wonders! If it's a wood chair, etc. that's varnished, I wouldn't do it. It tends to leave a film behind. I just went and checked my futon and yip, there's a film.

SSS removes ink? I was really excited about this one. My great-nieces had written on the door way between the livingroom and the kitchen and for 5 years I haven't been able to get them out of the wood. I used SSS on it last night and - POOF! They left! YEA!!!!!!

I did a video of using SSS in your car that I'll post later today. I had it nearly edited last night and my external hard-drive freaked and I lost everything, so I'll be out today re-filming and editing.

BTW, I'm working on improving my videos, so hopefully they'll be more enjoyable to watch. ALSO! And this is a BIGGIE! I have a special treat coming when I post as well! I think you're going to love it! So start checking back around 5:00 on to see the big surprise I have for you!

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