Monday, May 26, 2008

Stinky Feet and Watermelon!

Imagine your feet being on fire from an afternoons hike in very hot hiking boots. Can you feel the sweltering heat around your feet? Can you feel your feet burning? Can you feel them swelling in your boots? Is grass dying around your feet from the stench? That was my feet yesterday after going on two afternoon hikes. The first hike was voluntary. The second was because I lost a cat.

A little background on the hiking trip. I have three cats who love to hike with me: Bindi, Jeffie and Squeeky. I can't go near the hill without them running up to go on a new adventure. I love having them tag along. I'd miss a lot of things without them being my extra pairs of eyes.

The problem is, Bindi has a nasty habit of never staying with the group and this time was no exception. We were over half way home when I looked back and Bindi had vanished. I spent around 15 minutes calling him and finally surrender to the heat and thirst.

I went home, cooled down, drank, ate, pulled my stinky hiking boots back on and went in search of my little rebel. Anyway, long story short. He'd gone back to Good Medicine Camp and waited for me to find him.

Anyway, by the time we got back my feet were on fire. This was the perfect time to try out Avon's new Foot Works Watermelon Cooling Foot Lotion . All I can is my eyes closed, a little smile broke across my face and between the cool feeling on my feet and the smell of watermelon - I was in heaven. I'm so hooked. I hope they don't stop selling this one.

This is one to stash away in your pack or handbag. Don't wait until you need it. Put it on and enjoy the feeling of happy feet!

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