Monday, April 11, 2011

My top 12 reasons why I can't live without a Kindle

Amazon Kindle PDFImage by goXunuReviews  It’s always been my philosophy that a house that’s not filled with books is a sad house and the occupants are in serious need of therapy.  Some people throughout my life have looked at my book collection and said I’m in serious need of therapy.  

Anyway, if you take a quick look at reason #2, you’ll see why a Kindle is a must for me and most likely, for you too!  So, here are my top 12 reasons why I can’t live without a Kindle:  

  1. Cats can’t spray or chew on my books if they’re inside a Kindle.
  2. My tiny cottage can’t hold anymore books. I have them in boxes in the closet, under the bed, upstairs in my mom’s house, and I refuse to stop reading just because I’m out of space.
  3. I can highlight and share them on twitter.
  4. I can carry my entire library with me every where I go.
  5. It’s easy to find what I need with the “search”.  That comes in really handy when someone annoys me on facebook and I want to send them a scholarly sounding argument, because I know it will either bore them to death, annoy them or make them drop the subject all together.
  6. I can play games on it if I want.
  7. If my eyes start hurting, I can switch to “text to speech” and it will read to me.
  8. I can find out what other people think of the book I’m reading and what parts they like best by clicking “popular highlights.”
  9. I can get hundreds of books for free!
  10.  I can do research for articles I’m writing for the different blogs I have, and the new improved Kindle has accurate page numbers now!
  11.  I don’t have a dozen books stacked up around me for reference material!  
  12. And did I mention that my cats can’t spray my books if they’re hidden in the Kindle?

So, there you have it.  12 great reasons to own a Kindle!  Well, if you’re me, anyway.  Before I forget, since the new improved Kindle’s have actual page numbers, the same numbers that are in the book, it’s the ultimate research tool for teachers, students and writers!

Now that I’ve convinced you, by reasons #1 and #12, that you can’t live without a Kindle, you can buy one here, click me, please click me, I beg of you, click me.

(Have you clicked me yet?  Well, geesh, click me then.)

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