Friday, April 8, 2011

The Clueless Salesman

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...I’ve mentioned before about salesmen not knowing what they’re talking about and a conversation I just had about a half hour ago with my former sister-in-law proves it.  I asked her if she had a Kindle.  She said the salesman talked them out of it and said they needed an ipad for what they wanted - which was a reading device that also played games, and then said you can’t play games on a Kindle.

That really ticked me off and I said he was lying.  He also told her that to be connected to the internet you had to pay a monthly fee.  Another lie.  I could tell she wasn’t quite believing me because after all, I’m an internet marketer and this guy works at Best Buy in the electronics section.  

I know that’s a bit unfair to say he was lying, maybe he just didn’t have a clue about the product.  Maybe all he knew about was ipads.  Maybe he was trying to persuade them to buy the ipad by making Kindle look like a reading only device.  Either way, there wasn’t a single thing he told her that was true.

So, anyway, we booted up her computer and I took her to  I showed her the Kindle page and the comparison chart between the 3 Kindles.  I showed her where it says FREE 3G access.  I took her to the Kindle Store and showed her the games you can play on your Kindle.  She was dumbstruck.  This guy, she thought would have had a clue, didn’t have a clue at all!  More, I feel sorry for Best Buy because they’re losing sales thanks to this guy.

It truly pays to do your homework before going to a store to buy something.  On the other hand, thanks to the clueless salesman - I’ve made a sale, because I sell Kindles through amazon.  : )  So, thank you clueless salesman for helping me make a sale that goes towards paying off my hot water tank!  

By the way, in an act of shameless self-promotion and the pursuit of paying that thing off, if you’re in the market for buying a Kindle, click here for easy access!  There’s a ton of information on the page, from a chart that lets you compare the Kindle models, to videos and more.  

Make it a great day!
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