Friday, April 22, 2011

Columbia Hiking Boots Review for Women

Anyway, my favourite place to hike is our farm, which is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians.  It's a nice 300 acres with around 200 of it being woods.  There's steep ravines, caves, some large rock outcroppings and lots of large fallen trees to walk along and climb over.  Jeff likes exploring their hollow insides.  It's great fun and lets me spend time with the little rascal and get my exercise in at the same time.

Unfortunately, my hiking boots bit the dust and I'm looking for a replacement pair that's not going to kill my budget, and yet be of good quality so I'm not wasting money.  Yeah, I’m sure some of you are thinking I should just wear a pair of cross-trainers or something.  Cross-trainers are fine for hiking through your local neighbourhood park, but I live in the foothills of the Appalachians - wearing cross-trainers would only get my ankle broke.

Today, I ran across this little baby.  It’s the Columbia Sportswear Women's Ashlane Mid Omni-Tech Hiking Boot.  It’s a beauty.  Columbia is an excellent name in outdoor products, so you can’t go wrong with buying Columbia hiking boots.  Here’s the low down on this pair of Columbia hiking boots for women:

  • The waterproof suede and mesh upper is backed up by Columbia's Omni-Tech waterproof breathable membrane.
  • The gusseted tongue blocks trail debris from sneaking inside during your hike,
  • The AgION anti-odor treatment prevents your fellow hikers from giving you embarrassing nicknames once you take off your Ashlanes at camp.

Anyway, I like them and they're now sitting in my wish list at amazon.  They normally run between $75 - $95, but you can pick them up at amazon for anywhere from 39 - 41% off the regular price, depending on how big your foot is.  I’m a size 8, so my pair of Columbia hiking boots is going to cost me $56.47.  Pretty good, huh!  One more very important thing - they all come with FREE shipping.

So there ya have it!  If you’re like me and after that next pair of hiking boots - grab these up while they’re still available in your size at amazon.  

   Have a great weekend!    Yo and Jeff the hiking cat

PS: Jeff the cat has his own blog. He hasn’t posted in it since his brother died.  But here’s a link to one he wrote after we got back from a long hike: How Dare You Human!

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