Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Torture by Chocolate

Last month I got this great idea to order a demo of Mark self santuary chocolate orchid body butter. It sounded good! And when I got it - it smelled good...too good!

I quickly spread it all over me lil' bod and then it happened. A massive chocolate craving washed over me like a flood. I panicked. There was no way to get to a store to satisfy my craving.

Meanwhile, the rich smell of chocolate was teasing my nostrils sending my brain into chocolate spasms. I opened the jar back up and sat smelling the sweet smell of chocolate. My body relaxed as the soothing scent of chocolate quietly flowed into every cell of my being. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

I could stand it no longer! I dashed into the kitchen, grabbed the container of Nestle Toll House cocoa and made a large jar of homemade chocolate syrup. Three days later - I'd finished the jar.

Lesson learned. Never wear chocolate during the day. AND! Mark's self sanctuary chocolate orchid should come with a warning label: This body butter could possibly cause excess weight gain and unnecessary body fat. :]

(from what i understand, the chocolate body butter won't be available until Jan 8, but it's so worth making yourself hungry over.) :]

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