Monday, January 7, 2008

Something new!

Thought I'd do something new tonight and give a product review! So here we go!

I hate washing my hands. I hate getting wet. But! Having dystonia, which launches frequent assaults on my bladder, I spend a lot of time racing to the potty and naturally - washing my hands a thousand times a day (give or take a few).

The problem with frequent hand washing, is that it removes the natural oils from your hands causing them to dry up, turn to flakes and completely fall off. Naturally, if your hands fall off it's going to be very difficult zipping up your pants after you potty, so over washing isn't a good idea.

In steps Avon's ever so famous Skin so Soft, known mainly to outdoorsmen and hikers as the perfect mosquito repellant! However, this isn't your usual SSS! This is SSS's winter soft hand wash!

This stuff is terrific! Usually after washing my hands, within minutes they dry up like bread in a toaster. But so far, this seems to be keeping them nice and lubricated - like oil on chips! Speaking of which! I'm getting hungry!

Anyway! If you want to keep being able to zip up your pants, give the SSS hand wash a try and let me know what you think! :]

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