Monday, December 31, 2007

Runners Crud

Runners always have a healthy grow about them. You really notice it when a runner stands beside someone who doesn't - one looks alive, the other looks in need of life support.

On the other hand, that exciting healthy glow can become tarnished by zits. You see, when you're out on a run you're being blasted by road grime, exhaust fumes, pollen and any other foreign object passing vehicles can throw at you. Even if you don't deal with traffic, you still have the wind to contend with, and like cars – it shows no mercy.

By the time you get home, you have a lovely layer of crud attached all over your sweaty little body. And if you forgot your deodorant, you probably have a swarm of flies buzzing about your armpits, but that's a story for another day.

Some runners don't really care. They hit the shower, dress and off they go. The thing is, you can wash your face with soap all you want, but there's still little villains hiding in your pores and their goal is to zitify your face. If you're not dating, married or have any desire for either, don't worry about it. But if you are – ask yourself this, “Does my mate really want to suck the zits off my face? Or would said mate prefer something soft, clean and kissable?”

If you just take a little extra time, like three minutes, you can make your mate happy! Since soap doesn't cut it, use a cleanser. Cleansers really get down and do the job right. Follow that up with a cotton ball and some toner. Toner's get in and clean the pores. You'll be surprised at how much crud is still on your face even after you've used a cleanser!

Finally, follow it up with a moisturiser! Moisturisers do exactly as their name says. They not only add moisture to your face, but help your face hold in their natural moisture! Now, for those who may think they can get by without a moisturiser – what happens when something doesn't have enough moisture in it? It dries, wrinkles and cracks like leather in the Sahara.

But seriously folks, your skin is just as important as working out your heart and lungs and not just because of looks or being kissably soft. The air is full of contaminants and the skin absorbs them. They hunker down in your pores. By removing the pollutants, you help cut back on possible infection and some claim will even help keep some forms of skin cancer at bay. So give it a shot! :]

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