Monday, December 17, 2007

Lips from beyond the grave!

It's a romantic moment, she tenderly kisses him on the cheek, grateful his 5:00 shadow hasn't kicked in yet. As she pulls back, he takes one look and screams like a little girl. Gobs of dead skin cells dangle from her once luscious lips. He shivers and screams again.

How could this poor soul have avoided this nightmare from beyond the grave? He could have used a simple regimen twice a day and spared her lips from looking like they returned from the grave.

So what's the game plan? Use a cleanser in the morning and at night, Hey! It's good enough for David Beckham and Derek Jeter - it's good enough for you. Besides, using a cleanser before shaving minimizes razor burn.

On to a good clean shave! A good clean shave removes dead skin cells. Another reason to shave – removing the dead cells keeps your skin looking younger and healthier. Girls like that.

Finish with a moisturizer! After removing the dead cells, you want to moisturize your face and make it nice and soft - not for you, but for her.

So that guys is the simple and painless game plan! Use it regularly to keep her happy and keep yourself from sucking your own dead cells off her lips.

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