Monday, January 13, 2014


Hey y’all!  Last week I did a product review on the awesome Brother XL2600I sewing machine.

This week I’m focusing on various sewing supplies, from cutting boards, to scissors.  After all, you can’t sew without the proper tools to do it with.  Smile

I was planning on putting up cutting boards today, but then I came across the Clover Wonder Clips, and had to give you the heads up about them.  Why?  Because I can’t imagine sewing without being stabbed to death.

If you sew at all, even a little bit, you know what I mean.  Apart from the stabbing, it gets a bit annoying having them rust on me.  Maybe it’s just my cottage being a bit damp and that’s what causes it, but either way I don’t like it.

Anyway, on to the clips!  I’ve never run across a product yet that had such incredible ratings.  These clips get a 4.9 out of 5 stars by 556 women!  That many women agreeing on something tells you it’s gotta be good.  Smile

So!  On to the details!


According to Amazon, the list price is: $32.95

Amazon’s price: $13.15

That’s a whopping $19.80 savings, or for those of you who like percentages – 60% savings.  That’s huge!

Small, open wide to hold multiple layers.

Flat on one side for easy feeding.

Perfect for making: quilts, handbags, etc.

Comes with 50 clips.

PROS (based on consumer reviews)

  • small, hold firmly
  • great for edgings
  • great for holding binding on a quilt
  • doesn’t distort and warp fabric like pins do
  • olds several layers of fabric and material
  • no more pricked fingers
  • easy to attach and remove
  • measures both quarter and half-inch increments
  • One consumer even uses them for knitting projects

CONS (based on consumer reviews)

  • Can't sew over them like you can with pins.
  • Take up storage space.

TIP (based on consumer reviews)

Buy more than one pack.  They liked having 50, but more is even better.

My two favourite things out of the list are: I don’t get stabbed (I’m accident prone.), and it doesn’t warp the fabric. 

[Don’t get the wrong idea with me talking about not being stabbed anymore. You still have to use pins to secure your pattern to the material to cut it.] 

I know the one user also uses them on her knitting projects, but I’m not sure I’d try that one simply because of the way yarn works.  On the other hand, stitch holders aren’t all that great.

Then again, I could be completely wrong.  If you check out various knitting sites, you’ll find knit clips and even the Wonder Clip.

I know bringing up knitting is a bit off target, but a lot of you who sew also crochet, knit or both. 

Anyway, this is a newbie for my amazon wish list, and is in next months budget.  Smile

You can click here to put it on your wish list, or pick it up now before you forget! 

See ya tomorrow!

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