Sunday, May 22, 2011

Welcome the newest member of my family!

Little Piper on my lap.
Meet little Piper!  A friend of my brother found her at the end of his drive and gave him to my brother to give to me.  I take in strays and ferals as they appear on my porch.  Anyway, Piper makes cat number 16, and she's as adorable as her little face.

Piper is making working a challenge. Since she's the only kitten, she demands my full attention.  If I sit, then my lap must be available.  If I stand, then I obviously want to drag the vulture feather across the floor so she can chase it.  If I don't catch on that this is what she expects - she sits down and meows till I surrender.  She really knows how to work me.   LOL

Jeff the cat was really ticked when she moved in.  He went around smacking the other cats over the head as if he were saying, "If you're the one who did this - take that!!!"  They stayed away from him for a good week.  He's slowly coming around...I think.

Piper asleep on my lap.
On the work side, the incessant rain has made keeping up with the farm nigh on impossible.  There's areas that are so saturated, the mower will sink to it's axles and more if you try to mow.  That leaves me using the weed eater to cut large sections that no weed eater was meant to cut.  Hopefully, it will hold out till the ground dries.

Neither me nor my mom have our gardens in.  Well, we have a couple things in the ground but that's about it.  Mom had someone run the tiller for her yesterday and it kinda sunk.  It sure did look dry enough though.  : )

Besides trying to make the most of those rare moments in between the rains to get caught up with the grass mess on the farm, I'm working on a new project that will hopefully launch in a couple days.  I'm opening a store for selling PLR.  PLR is short for public label rights.  You write articles, blog posts, ebooks and reports for bloggers and internet marketers to buy.  It's a lot of fun.

Anyway, that's a heads up on what's been happening since my last post.  Keep checking back this week for the latest product review or better still, subscribe to my feed and get notified by email when a new post goes up!

Catch y'all later!  Make it a great day!

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