Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's talk feet!

This morning after my Turbulence Training workout, I was sweating like a pig and my feet were sore from doing box steps. Try this mini-workout: The box step workout and you'll see what I mean:

1. Begin with your right foot on a step.
2. Quickly switch places by hopping left foot up to the step, while returning your right foot to the floor.
3. Keep alternating until you've done 25 -100 reps.

Do 4 sets with a 1 -2 minute break in between.

I'd video tape the mini, but I look absolutely ridiculous. (grin)

Anyway! Back to my story! I was really disgusted with myself for not wearing my CoolMax Fitness Socks. I needed the arch support and cushion they give. But it was early and my brain wasn't functioning.

Anyway! Guarantee you tomorrow morning I'll have them on while cycling. Yip, they help even then. How? They keep my feet cool, and then as mentioned - they give my feet the support they need.

So, if you're feet get too hot while working out or simply going about your day, or you need the extra support, give them a try. Right now, AVON has them on sale for 33% off!

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