Monday, April 28, 2008

The battle over insect repellents...

Everyone has their favourite repellents. Some prefer natural methods and others wouldn't be caught dead without DEET. What I find interesting is very few every agree on which product works best.

When I was a kid, my dad swore by Avon's Skin So Soft and "OFF". You should never enter the woods without one or the other.

If you search the net, you'll find people who swear neither of the above are all that effective and insist it's military grade or nothing.

As for me, when push comes to shove I prefer natural methods. When I was field testing Avon's SSS Bug Expedition (see previous entry) and it failed, I was stuck in the woods with only one thing - a dropper bottle of my homemade yarrow tincture. I pulled it out and smothered my body with it. Guess what worked? Yip! Yarrow!

If you ever want to try it, order some dried yarrow from a herbal place. Fill half a quart jar with the dried herb, then fill the jar to the top with 100 proof vodka. Let it sit for 6 weeks. Remember to shake the jar every day. At the end of the 6 weeks, strain it out with cheese cloth and either put it back in that jar or order dropper jars from Mountain Herbs or another company you like.

I don't make a profit from Mountain herbs, so this isn't a sales gimmick. I order all my herbal supplies from them. The shipping is steep, but it's the only place I've found to order from.

Anyway, for those who would like to try a more natural route you might want to check out Learning Herbs for some more cool ideas! This guy offers free home study courses and videos to learn from. I think it's the best on the net.

Make it a great day!

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