Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Product Review: CraftMaster Deluxe Drafting Table Cherry Woodgrain


Size: 40x24” workspace

Seller: Amazon.com [FREE SHIPPING]

Price: (Reg. $229) Amazon’s price $147.21 (save $81.79)

Main Features:

Durability:  Solid, sturdy base.

Performance: 4 stars outa 5, based on 18 customer reviews

Who this product is suitable for:  It’s the perfect solution for those who do their crafting on the kitchen table, coffee table, floor, or some other place that roommates or family complain about.

Feature & Benefit Comparison

· Laminate top w/rounded corners making it safe if you have little tots about.

· Two 3-drawer storage units measure 7''Wx 10''D x 7''H. Excellent for storing smaller items that you use a lot.

· Comes with both casters and floor glides.  If you use the casters, you can adjust the height to 28" to 32"

· If you use the floor glides, the height adjusts 26" to 30".

· Handy metal pencil ledge keeps your pencil from hitting the floor, and plastic instrument tray

· Footrest crossbar with rubber tread and 21'' of leg room

· Convenient one hand tilt angle mechanism adjusts tabletop from 0 to 30 degrees

Overall Thoughts:

To me, the key thing you want in a hobby table is a good, solid, sturdy base.  Otherwise, when you go to erase something, or if you’re using it for a sewing station, you’re going to be chasing it around the room and picking things off the floor.  : )

Consumers provide mixed views about how solid the stand is.  The consensus comes down to – use your own tools.  The tools provided, like those with any put-it-together-yourself furniture, never get the bolts, nuts, or screws in tight enough. So, use your own tools and you’ll have a really solid base.

The size is excellent.  There’s plenty of workspace, and yet doesn’t take up a lot space in your room. 

I love the storage drawers. They’re perfect for all the little odds and ends I use regularly when card making.

The other thing I like is that it adjusts to lying flat.  This is brilliant for those who are into card making.  You can angle the top to make it easier when creating your designs, and then lower it to the flat position and put it all together. 

It’s really an awesome dream of a table, and one that’s well worth the investment if you’re into crafting and need a convenient space of your own.  And!  Your family or roommate will thank you for it.

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