Monday, June 30, 2008

It's the Tahitian Bronzer Review!

So AVON comes up with this really cool idea to have an all over bronzer with a built in lip and cheek tint. The thing is, this isn't really my sort of item. So! A couple friends in Kentucky (who didn't marry their cousins) offered to field test them for me!

Now here's an example how Murphy's Law can rule. I'd planned on recording the review over Skype using Pamela (a program that records Skype calls). But nothing worked out. THEN!!! I discovered she had sent me an email with her review and I just now found it! How did I miss it, you ask? It's called the curse of switching from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail. Somewhere along the line not everything transfered like I thought it did.

Anyway! So, here's Di's unedited email review!

Hi Yo,

I am testing the bronzer today. WOW it really does bronze!! It is a really nice color on me and my face was lighter than my arms so I just used it on my face, no place else. I do like the colored part of the product too, I put a little on my cheeks and it blends in very easily and looks pretty natural. I tried it for a lip color and it is really pretty, not a color I would normally pick but it does look nice and very feminine. The bronzer dried quickly but not so quickly that I couldn't spread it around with my fingers. It didn't leave my face sticky either like I thought it might. I did use it over my super dooper moisturizer.

So, so far so good, I like it. I'll have to see what Amy thinks of it.

More later,

And there you go! The intro special is $4.99, so grab it now while it's still dirt cheap! :]

Make it a great one!

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