Monday, February 4, 2008

Those achy, achy feet....

Just about every day I'm out on the hill hiking up ravines, along ridges, following logging trails or simply hiking to my secret spot soaking in everything around me.

Over the weekend, I went on a really tough trek up through a rocky ravine behind the pond. There was still patches of ice in places and the soft ground up the sides made the trek long and difficult. It was worth the trip though. The massive slab of ice hanging down from the waterfalls over the cave, with water still falling through the middle was beyond words.

By the time I got back, my feet were killing me. This was the perfect time to try out my new demo of Avon's bath brush.

My last brush was from
Bath and Body. It breathed it's last breath several months ago. The bristles were so soft it made taking a bath a treat.

Avon's brush is my new favourite. The bristles are firm, so you know you're getting clean, something I wasn't always sure of with my old favourite. Where the B & B relaxed you, this one wakes you up and makes you feel great.

My favourite part about Avon's brush is the massage surface on the back of the brush head. You can't even begin to imagine how that felt on my aching feet. Let's just say I repeated, "Aaaaahhhhh...." with every stroke. :]

Combine the new bath brush with Avon's naturals strawberry and guava bath gel, and your practically in heaven. :] The best way to describe the new bath gel - it smells just like a homemade strawberry milkshake. Time to drool!

One last thing, I also like the hand grip. The finger groves makes it easier to hang on to.

Anyway! It's something you might want to check out. You definitely can't go wrong with it. So, keep dropping by the Avon site. I think it's coming up in the next campaign.


Unknown said...

wow, you make me want go out and buy that brush too :-)

Yochana said...

lol! It will be consoling me again after today's trek. :] It's minus 16 here, so my feet will need a good waking up from being frozen. lol

btw! Thanks for dropping by! :]